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  5. iPhone 5 to feature headset activated camera?

iPhone 5 to feature headset activated camera?

iPhone 5 to feature headset activated camera?

The new version of the iPhone operating system allows users to take pictures by moving up the volume button on their headphones, it has emerged.

Last week at the WWDC, Apple unveiled the iOS 5 operating system update and its key USPs of iCloud and deeper Twitter integration to much fanfare.

Since then, developers, who’ve been seeded iOS 5 so they can get cracking on apps that harness its power, have been poring through the latest version of Apple’s platform in search of hidden features that weren’t announced at Apple’s jamboree.

One of the earliest discoveries is that iOS 5 permits iPhone owners to use the volume control on the handset as a physical camera button. That’s something that’s been missing from iPhones from year zero.

ios 5

Today, the good chaps at Cult of Mac have come up with another ‘find’. According to a report on the site, which is backed up by video evidence, iOS 5 will also allow iFans to take snaps by lightly pressing on the volume control attached to the headphones.

The new feature is likely to be a boon for anyone with unsteady hands by enabling the iPhone to act as a de facto tripod, with the headset doubling as a remote control. iOS 5 is due to arrive for the rank and file (that’s you and me) in the autumn.

However, while iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 users can expect to benefit from its entire feature set, hardware shortcomings of the ageing iPhone 3GS mean it’ll probably only get select functions.

Check out the feature in action in the clip below


Cult of Mac

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