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  5. iPhone 5 imminent, as O2 clears iPhone 4 stocks

iPhone 5 imminent, as O2 clears iPhone 4 stocks

iPhone 5 imminent, as O2 clears iPhone 4 stocks

O2 has given perhaps the clearest sign yet that the iPhone 5 will launch next month, with the news that it is paying commission to mobile phone sites on iPhone 4 sales in a bid to shift stocks of current-gen handsets ahead of the new phone’s arrival.

The move, which also applies on the 3GS and was announced yesterday in an email, marks the fist time-ever that O2 has paid commission to affiliate partner websites for driving sales of Apple smartphones.

The incentive is running until the end of August, adding further weight to mounting speculation that the iPhone 5 is now but weeks away and is likely to be unveiled to an expectant tech world during early or mid-September.

iphone comission

Quite what to expect from the latest iteration of the phone, which was originally expected to drop way back in June, still remains a mystery.

However, rumours suggest that this time around we could be in for a phone with Near Field Communications smarts for Oyster card-style contactless payments and an eight-megapixel camera – up from the iPhone 4’s five-megapixel snapper.

4G is mooted to be on board in the US for super fast mobile web connection speeds and Apple is also rumoured to have opted for a larger, four inch screen facilitated by reducing the space the bezel takes up.

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