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  5. iPhone 5 to declare war on fingerprint smudges?

iPhone 5 to declare war on fingerprint smudges?

iPhone 5 to declare war on fingerprint smudges?

The fifth generation iPhone could feature technology designed to do away with fingerprint smudges forever, a leaked patent suggests.

A recently discovered Apple patent filing details a treatment for the protective oil resistant coating that swaddles iKit whereby the oleophobic (yes, it’s a word) agent therein is stored in a pressurised room with inert gas.

In so doing, the chance of chemical reactions that impair the effectiveness of the coating is limited. The treatment also means that Apple can apply the coating directly to the handset’s glass frame and that it will prevent smudges for much longer.

iPhone 5 placeholder

Whether the process is ready in time to feature in the iPhone 5 isn’t yet clear. But the fact that Apple filed the patent way back in February suggests it’s not out of the question. Not a bit of it.

What’s more, the fact that the coating is applied at a late stage of the manufacturing process means that the Cupertino-based company has had ample time to perfect it to meet design doyenne Jonny Ive’s never-less-than-exacting standards.

Naturally, at this stage other features of the iPhone 5 are anyone’s guess too. But if supply chain heat is to be believed we could be looking at at an eight-megapixel snapper a larger four-inch screen and a handset that takes at least some of its design cues from the iPhone 3GS.


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