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iPhone sales 'to hit 30m in Q4'

iPhone sales 'to hit 30m in Q4'

Apple’s gamble of delaying the iPhone 5 will pay off to the tune of 30 million unit sales for the company’s smartphones in the run up to Christmas, an industry analyst forecasts.

The fifth-generation Apple handset was expected to drop back in June. However, after Apple opted to delay the phone for reasons that have yet to become clear it’s now forecast to drop in September.

The move was considered a gamble by many on the grounds that the delay would allow the slew of dual core powered, impressive Android devices a longer window in the limelight.

iPhone 5 placeholder

Not so, reckons BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk. In a blog post, Piecyk claims that total iPhone sales could reach as high as 30 million for the fourth quarter – up from his previous on-the-record, official estimate of 21.5 million.

Of these some ten million will be in the US alone, he posits, driven by demand for the iPhone 5.

As the launch date approaches, rumours around the handset are reaching fever pitch. Speculation suggests that this time around we’re in for a smaller, lighter bit of kit with NFC support and possibly even 3D video capture and playback on board.



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