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  5. iPhone 4 declared world’s thinnest phone over Samsung Galaxy S2

iPhone 4 declared world’s thinnest phone over Samsung Galaxy S2

iPhone 4 declared world’s thinnest phone over Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung may call its Galaxy S2 the world’s thinnest smartphone but Apple’s iPhone 4 still has a better claim on the title, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has decided.

The regulator ruled in Apple’s favour after one of its web ads claiming the iPhone 4 is the world’s thinnest phone was challenged as misleading, as the complainant believed the Galaxy S2 to be thinner. However, following Apple’s explanation of the methodology behind of basing its claim, the ASA found no breach was involved.

Apple responded to the complaint by pointing out “the iPhone 4 had a uniform depth of 9.3 mm” whereas “the Galaxy S2 had peaks and valleys to its design; the thickness ranged from 8.71 mm to 9.91 mm”. It acknowledged the Galaxy S2 was thinner at certain parts, but argued that consumers would be more interested in the overall measurements of a phone than its thinnest part “as these would, for example, affect whether the device could fit into a pocket or a purse”.

The ASA said: “We considered that consumers would be less interested in whether certain points of a product were thin, if bulges in the product made its overall thickness greater.

“Because the iPhone4's thickest point was thinner than the thickest point of the Samsung Galaxy S II we concluded that the claim "the world's thinnest smartphone" was not misleading.”

The ruling is another major victory for Cupertino after it managed to win a temporary injunction in parts of Europe on the sale of Galaxy devices it claims copies the design and technology of the iPhone and iPad.

Samsung has yet to complaint on the verdict but will no doubt be peeved knowing it won a similar complaint against the Motorola Atrix, which claimed to be the world’s most powerful smartphone.


PC World

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