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  5. iPhone 4S fails to topple Galaxy S2 as best-selling handset in November

iPhone 4S fails to topple Galaxy S2 as best-selling handset in November

iPhone 4S fails to topple Galaxy S2 as best-selling handset in November

Apple’s newly released iPhone 4S was unable to dethrone the rampant Samsung Galaxy S2 as the UK’s best-selling handset in November, amid acute stock shortages reported by retailers.

samsung galaxy s2

The fifth-generation iPhone, which landed in Blighty on October 16th, shifted some four million units in the opening weekend alone according to the Cupertino-based giant. However, that still wasn’t enough to knock the S2 off pole position on the uSwitch Mobile Tracker, which ranks the UK’s most popular handsets based on search and sales.

This means the Galaxy S2 has now dominated the uSwitch Mobile Tracker for the eighth month running, a telling sign that the iPhone's status as the go-to smartphone for Brits could be no more.

The power shift in further is further in evidence in recent figures released by research firm Gartner, which revealed that over 50 per cent of all smartphones sold worldwide in the last quarter were Android devices, spearheaded by the Galaxy S2, which has to date sold in excess of 10 million units since launching in May.

High level of demand

Explaining Apple’s challenge in meeting demand, our resident technology expert Ernest Doku said: “The iPhone 4S has generated a huge level of interest from consumers, with retailers really finding it tough to cope with the high demand, even a month post-launch. This situation has certainly been compounded by the iPhone 4S’s surprising level of affordability.

“However, this should not take anything away from Samsung’s achievement with the ever popular Galaxy S II. It is undoubtedly the phone of the year, critically acclaimed and capturing the interest of smartphone addicts across the country for the last eight months.”

iphone 4s triplicate

Supplies in UK and rest of Europe have been further hampered by the prioritising stock for the Black Friday sales bonanza in the North American market, as well as launches in several parts of Asia.

Whether the Cupertino-based giant will be able to ramp up manufacturing to make a real push against the Galaxy S2 leading up to and beyond the New Year remains to be seen.

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