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  5. Apple removes new iPad '4G' branding

Apple removes new iPad '4G' branding

Apple removes new iPad '4G' branding

Apple has decided to drop the 4G branding from its latest iPad amid complaints from users in several countries where the tablet doesn’t actually offer 4G capabilities.

Following a flood of complaints in Australia and an ASA investigation in the UK, the Cupertino giant has quietly replaced the 4G moniker with a less controversial ‘cellular’ label.

new iPad 4G renaming screenshot

Surprisingly, the change has also been made to the US Apple Store, despite 4G being supported stateside. Although in the product description it states the slate can connect to fast cellular data networks in “up to 4G LTE”.

The move will no doubt be embarrassing for the company after it made the bold decision to go against usual numbering convention to call the tablet simply ‘new iPad’.

The 4G branding particularly angered customers after it was revealed that the device will not be compatible with the same 4G LTE bands in Blighty even when networks here do finally switch to the latest mobile standard.

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