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  5. iOS 6 to support iPhone 3GS, iPad left out?

iOS 6 to support iPhone 3GS, iPad left out?

iOS 6 to support iPhone 3GS, iPad left out?

The Apple devices due to get an upgrade to iOS 6 have purportedly leaked online. And it’s fair to say they make for somewhat surprising reading.

A beta version of the new iteration of the tech giant’s iPhone, iPad and iPod operating system, which first appeared on of China and was picked up on for Western eyes by, reveals a list of devices it will run on along with links to the Apple Developer Connection site.

iphone 3gs large

In news to cheer anyone still clinging on to their 2009-issue iPhone 3GS, it seems that iOS 6 will be coming to the now-creaky smartie. Although we predict that it will most likely get a selection of the features that of the OS rather than the full monty, with the likes of Siri highly unlikely to make the transition.

It’s not all good portents, though. Not if you’re an owner of the first iPad, which is a shocking omission from the list. Very much not present and correct as well is the fourth-generation iPod Touch, although that's a good deal less unexpected.

How far to trust the list, though? It’s hard to say right now. But you can certainly colour us very surprised if the iPad is left out of the party at this stage of its lifecycle.

Either way, we’ll find out soon enough. iOS 6 is set to be officially unveiled tonight at the Worldwide Developers Conference developers pow-wow at San Francisco’s Moscone West


Apple Insider

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