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  5. iPhone & iPad prototypes surface in court

iPhone & iPad prototypes surface in court

iPhone & iPad prototypes surface in court

Early images of work-in-progress iPhones and iPads have surfaced online, giving us a glimpse at just how very different the future might’ve looked if Apple had gone with some of the initial ideas for its gadgets.

The concepts have come to light after being submitted as evidence in the ongong courtroom contretemps between Samsung and Apple. And to the eyes and sensibilities of tech watchers who’ve long grown accustomed to Apple’s minimalist black slab aesthetic, they’re something of a shock to the system.

ipad prototype court

Exhibit A) is an iPad complete with a stand, presumably before Apple realised that people are much more comfortable with leaning forward to enjoy media on their slate than they initially thought.

iphone prototype court 1

Just as intriguing, though, are some of the very early iPhone prototypes. Not least because with their notably long form factors and back plates that feature two materials, they look remarkably similar to what are purported to be leaked images of the iPhone 5.

iphone prototype hexagon

Elsewhere, there’s a mock up of a bizarre boxy handset and what we think is an even less appealing smartie with a cheap-looking diamond-shaped design that gives it the appearance of something you pick up for pennies in a flea market in Asia.


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