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  5. iPhone 5 knockoff released before the real thing

iPhone 5 knockoff released before the real thing

iPhone 5 knockoff released before the real thing

Hype for the iPhone 5 continues to mount, as the first knockoff of Apple’s upcoming sixth-generation kit hits the Chinese market.

Dubbed rather unattractively the ‘Goophone i5’, the latest iClone lands in a bid to lap up a few sales from unsuspecting punters ahead of the iPhone 5’s imminent debut next month.

Goophone i5

It looks strikingly similar to one of the more popular iPhone 5 renders we’ve seen, sporting a similar tall, thin form factor and a dual material back panel, that may just be plain old plastic with a faux-metal finish.

If we’re honest, it looks pretty convincing, at least in the picture. While it won’t fool the trained eyes of iFans, it might just be able to fleece the less tech-savvy types of their precious renminbi.

iPhone clones are a dime a dozen in China and almost always go unpunished. What’s worse about this particular me-too is that it runs on Android rather than iOS, or even a knockoff iOS. Still, we doubt it will get Apple’s undergarments in a tangle nearly as much as any Samsung product has.

Sammy fans feeling left out – fret not. The Galaxy S3 also has its own clone, which looks even uncannier. Probably also inspired by nature.

Those of you looking to pick up the real iPhone 5 won’t have to wait much longer. Apple is hotly tipped to officially unveil the handset on September 12th with pre-orders to begin the same day. A release date is pinned on September 21st.

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