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  5. iPhone 5 to sport A6 processor, leaked snaps suggest

iPhone 5 to sport A6 processor, leaked snaps suggest

iPhone 5 to sport A6 processor, leaked snaps suggest

Fresh photos have emerged showing what’s purportedly the new and improved logic board for Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone.

Unearthed by the good folk at iMore, the super-blurry shots (surprise, surprise) reveal a very faint-looking A6 logo, giving the iPhone 5 rumour-mill a much-needed kick as we drag ever closer to the handset’s imminent unveiling.

iPhone 5 alleged A6 processor logic board

Although industry chatter has long posited that Apple will likely opt to equip the iPhone 5 with a modified version of the A5X processor that debuted on the new iPad, iMore has a theory why it might instead go with a new A6 chippy instead.

Apple introduced its first in-house chipset design, the Apple A4 SoC (system-on-chip) with the original iPad, which was later modified for the iPhone 4. It then launched the Apple A5 chip with the iPad 2, which was again modified for the iPhone 4S.

Since introducing its first in-house chipset design, the Apple A4 SoC, with original iPad, Apple has added a new processor with iPad iteration, which it modified for each new iPhone.

What’s in an X?

While logic dictates that Apple would modify the A5X for the iPhone 5, the A5X was specifically designed to support the tablet’s Retina resolution of 2048 x 1536 with the addition of a quad-core GPU, far beyond the capacity needed to support the 1136 x 640 resolution of the rumoured four-inch iPhone 5 display.

Adding an A5X chip with the iPhone 5, even a modified one, would be overkill, while scaling it down would be a step backwards. iMore believes Apple will want to keep things consistent by going for the same type of CPU and GPU performance leaps that it brought with the iPhone 4S.

It says whether the iPhone 5 chipset is called the A6 or not is a branding decision in the end. To us, at least, it makes more sense that Apple should introduce a new processor with the iPhone first and upgrade it accordingly for the iPad.

That said, all this is still conjecture based on an image that may well be photoshopped. Whatever the case, the iPhone 5 is sure to receive a considerable performance upgrade if it’s going to keep up, or even exceed, the capabilities of the new iPad.



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