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  5. iPhone 5 wideband HD Voice support confirmed by EE exec

iPhone 5 wideband HD Voice support confirmed by EE exec

iPhone 5 wideband HD Voice support confirmed by EE exec

The iPhone 5 supports ‘crystal-clear’ call quality courtesy of HD Voice support, a mover-and-shaker at EE has revealed.

Reports have been doing the rounds that the technology, more correctly referred to as ‘wideband audio’, is not available to iPhone 5 users Stateside but will be offered in the UK by Orange and soon by EE, the country’s first 4G LTE network.

Stuart Jack, EE’s communications director, tweeted earlier today: "iPhone 5 is a v.good phon. Am using on EE network (obvs). Call quality crystal clear. 3G web feels faster. V.good network/phone integration."

When the inquisitive types at Pocket-Lint asked him if he was referring to the iPhone 5’s HD Voice skills, Jack replied: “Yes indeed. The best version of it I've tested. It's quite startling first time you use it - it's so clear!”

Wideband audio, for those of you that don’t know, nearly doubles the frequency range of audio signals carried over a phone call from 300Hz to 3.4KHz on the traditional voiceband or narrowband standards to 50Hz to 7KHz to produce higher quality speech.

In layman’s terms, it sounds almost half as good as hearing someone right in front of you, as the human voice normally extends from 80Hz to 14KHz.

We put the tech to the test in a phone call between the iPhone 4S and an iPhone 5 on Orange and the difference, albeit marginal, was still noticeable.

In addition to wideband audio, EE is expected to roll out its 4G LTE service in the UK in a few weeks’ time, which, on paper at least, is capable of 5-6 times the speed of the 3G standard.



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