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  5. Apple CEO: iPhone 5 screen size is exactly right

Apple CEO: iPhone 5 screen size is exactly right

Apple CEO: iPhone 5 screen size is exactly right

Apple’s decision to opt for a four-inch screen on the iPhone 5, despite initial cynicism from critics and fans alike, has been defended by chief executive officer Tim Cook.

When quizzed about the move at the Apple’s quarterly earnings call today, Cook said it made the right call to equip the sixth-generation kit with a more expansive display.

"We've put a lot of thinking into screen size and we think we've picked the right one.

“The new four-inch Retina display is the most advanced display in the industry. No one comes close to matching its quality,” he bragged, adding: “We were able to develop a larger screen size without sacrificing one-handed use."

The iPhone 5 is the first Apple smartphone since the original iPhone, which landed back in 2007, to rock a bigger screen, which was achieved by making the display taller than in previous models, but not wider. The move was no doubt was influenced by the influx of larger handsets from rivals, which have been massively successful.

However, the change was not received too well at first, as it meant thousands of apps were letterboxed (black bars at the top and bottom), while the aspect ratio of videos was also inevitably affected.

Any complaints about the change in screen size, though, was largely overshadowed by the iPhone 5’s susceptibility to scratches and Apple’s hugely controversial move to replace Google Maps in favour of its own proprietary mapping solution, which was widely lambasted for being laden with inaccuracies.



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