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  5. iPhone 6 to come in 3 colour options, says source

iPhone 6 to come in 3 colour options, says source

iPhone 6 to come in 3 colour options, says source

The next-gen iPhone will see Apple broaden its product colour palette, it has been reported, but not quite as extensively as earlier leaks suggested.

Until now, every iteration of the iPhone has been available solely in none-more-black and whiter-than-white. However, purported leaks from Apple’s supply chain from earlier this year suggested that was about to change dramatically with the seventh-gen model.

Citing information from unnamed insiders, Brian Topeka of analysts Topeka Capital Markets claimed that the phone would land in eight colour options, including pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, silver and the standard black and white. A red edition that’s tied to a charity was also mooted.

Today, though, the notion that Apple could tear up the formbook so comprehensively seems a bit less likely, after a separate report disclosed that while more options are on the way, the tech giant will limit our choices to three colourways.

iPhone 5S colours (mock-up)

The way Japanese blog Mac Otakara tells it, the handset is likely to come in traditional black and white and one other, unspecified colour and will be showcased in July, ahead of an August release date.

The site also posits that the much-rumoured low-cost iPhone – that’s the handset informally dubbed the iPhone 5S in some quarters - will also come in the same trio of colours.

News of Apple’s plans come amid separate rumours that future iPhones could feature fingerprint scanners to add a fresh layer of security and will pack a much improved, more convincingly ‘human’ version of voice commands app Siri.


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