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Apple iWatch not landing until late 2014 

Apple iWatch not landing until late 2014 

Apple’s much-vaunted iWatch will not be rocking up on wrists until late 2014. That’s according to renowned Apple-watching analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, a man known for getting his Cupertino predictions spot on.

In a report for investors, Ming says that software for the iWatch could be some way off being ready, largely thanks to iOS receiving such a major overhaul this year.

He also points out that components for a smart watch aren’t ‘mature’, meaning it’d be costly to source and mass-produce parts for such a device.

Despite that somewhat downbeat take on matters, Ming does claim that the same GF2 touchscreen tech used in the iPod nano and iPad Mini could make an appearance in the iWatch too. 

He also reckons it’ll pack biometric features, for beefed-up security and fitness apps.

With the iWatch rumour mill slowing to a crawl in recent weeks, it seems Ming could be on the money with his latest prediction. 

Chances are Apple will bide its time and focus on a new iPad and iPhone before it turns its attention to its futuristic iWatch.

If that is the case, don’t be surprised to see Samsung, which has said it’s hard at work on its own smartwatch, bring its device to launch before Cupertino’s.

Source: MacRumors

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