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Apple iOS sales hit 600 million

Apple iOS sales hit 600 million

Aside from the excitement around the stunning, new-look iOS 7, Apple revealed some rather impressive stats during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote last night.

The Cupertino-based tech giant confirmed at the start of the bash that it has now shifted a colossal 600 million iOS devices since the first iPhone hit shelves six years ago.

That number includes the iPhone as well as the iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini. At an average of 100 million a year, it seems Apple is still doing the business, despite profits slipping and a share price that’s dropped significantly in the last year.

The big news last night focused on the latest update to iOS. iOS 7 packs in a string of new features to bring it up to speed with rivals, including Control Center for handling key functions with one swipe, a rejigged version of Safari and overhauled messaging smarts.

Despite its bold looks eliciting suggestions that users might feel alienated when the update rolls out, you can be sure it’ll help edge Apple ever closer to the one billion iOS mark.



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