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  5. iPhone 5S cheap plastic model photos leak, features 3 colours

iPhone 5S cheap plastic model photos leak, features 3 colours

iPhone 5S cheap plastic model photos leak, features 3 colours

More photos seemingly showing the much-rumoured, low-cost iPhone are doing the rounds online, as chatter around Apple’s plans continues to build in the run-up to the anticipated unveiling of new ‘product’ in the autumn.

Snaffled from serial Chinese leakers Wei Phone by French site Nowhereelsefr, the snaps show the rear shell and interior frame of a green, red and yellow editions of the handset, chiming with rumours that the lower-priced iPhone will be available in a range of iPod-style colour options.

iphone 5s plastic colours

Very much in evidence too is a plastic shell, marking a major departure from the premium materials (think: aluminium and glass) that Apple has favoured for earlier iPhones.

The change is aimed at keeping the phone’s asking price down and making it more viable in Android-dominated markets in the emerging world.

Otherwise, the iPhone 5S doesn't look much altered from previous iterations in the design stakes, with a shape that adheres pretty strictly to the look that Apple has favoured since the iPhone 4 saw it drop the more rounded look of the iPhone 3GS in favour of a squarer form factor.

After years of speculation, the Cupertino company is expected to officially showcase its debut low-cost smartphone alongside a refreshed version of its full-price model in September.

iphone 5s green plastic

The operating system that will power the next generation of Apple devices, aka iOS 7, was unveiled last month.

The fresh iteration of the platform features a flatter look, does away with skeuomorphic touches and adds a revamped version of the Safari browser and improved notifications, messaging and email.


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