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Gold iPhone confirmed by insiders

Gold iPhone confirmed by insiders

Apple’s gold iPhone appears to be a dead cert, after ‘sources in a position to know’ divulged details of the handset to All Things D.The renowned tech site is known for getting its pre-release gen spot on.

As previous gossip has suggested, this isn’t going to be a fully blinged-out affair. All Things D’s insider said to ‘think champagne, not ingot’.

Once again, the reason for such a move has been pegged to the luxury market in China, which continues to boom despite the country’s economy slowing.

Growth in that sector is expected to reach 40% in the next 10 years.

It will also mark out the forthcoming iPhone 5S against its black and white iPhone 5 predecessor.

The budget iPhone 5C is also expected to come in a string of colours, marking a departure for Apple from its tried and tested method of releasing monochrome-only devices.


All Things D

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