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  5. iPhone 5s 4G and 3G prices announced on O2

iPhone 5s 4G and 3G prices announced on O2

iPhone 5s 4G and 3G prices announced on O2

O2 has confirmed asking prices for the iPhone 5s, as the original UK iPhone carrier bids to overcome its 4G problems by enticing customers with its early-adopter-friendly Refresh plan.

O2's cheapest 24-month contract gets you the 16GB iPhone 5s with no upfront fee, as well as unlimited minutes and texts and 1GB of data over 3G for £42 per month.

Of that monthly charge on the Refresh plan, which splits your outlay in two to make it easier to upgrade your phone mid-contract, £17 covers your monthly allowances. The remainder is made up by the cost of the handset.

Choose a 4G Refresh plan and the minimum you’re looking at if you want a ‘free’ phone is £47 per month over a two-year contract. This also furnishes you 1GB of data per month, plus unlimited texts and calls.

As with other Refresh offers, you can upgrade whenever you like and are only liable to pay up whatever remains of the part of the contract that covers the handset price.

iPhone 5S Gold

The downside? That’ll be that O2 won’t be offering a 4G service from day one. It’s not clear exactly when the network will begin supporting the iPhone 5s for 4G, but a wait of some weeks has been mooted.

Apple’s new premium phone goes on sale on Friday. Unlike its low-cost running mate, the iPhone 5c, it’s not being made available for pre-order.

That means that if you want one you’re going to have to get up early and get online sharpish or haul ass to a bricks-and-mortar outlet and get in the queue.

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