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iPhone recycling program coming to UK Apple Stores?

iPhone recycling program coming to UK Apple Stores?

UK Apple Stores will soon start accepting used iPhones as part of a trade-in program, rumours suggest, as the tech giant bids to push more customers into shopping at its outlets rather than online and through third-parties.

The Reuse and Recycle program kicked off in US Apple outlets back in August, but has yet to be rolled out in any other territories.

However, Apple is to change all that in next few months, it seems. According to source cited by 9to5Mac, training materials are being readied for the company’s UK retail army.

A limited number of staff are even reportedly already in training for the trade-in program, ahead of launch.

As with the US, the sum Apple affords customers trading-in their older iPhone to buy a new model depends on an in-store assessment. Factors graded by the army of geniuses include the state of the screen and general damage.

Of course, this is a lot more convenient than the similar scheme Cupertino operates online. Not least because you can make the trade at the point of purchase and don’t have to send your handset to Apple.

iphone 4s triplicate

Conversely, the downside is that when trading-in instore you’re obliged to spend the money Apple transfers to a gift card right there and then on the new iPhone.

The online program gives you a bit more freedom, in that you a) don’t have to spend your money instantly and b) you can spend your voucher on anything Apple sells online.



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