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Is the Apple rumour mill getting out of hand?

Is the Apple rumour mill getting out of hand?

Rumours are the grist that feeds the technology mill. Without them, hype and excitement ahead of launches would be non-existent.

Some might say that’s a good thing, but we’ve reached a point where the arrival of a select band of products, by and large ones from Apple, Samsung and Google, are cultural as well as commercial events.

Gadget launches now hold the same grip on the public consciousness as major album releases or movie premieres.

The question is, though, have things gone too far?

This week already has seen gossip emerge about the iPhone 6 and iPad 6.

iphone 6 concept phablet 2

The chatter comes just weeks after the iPhone 5s hit stores, and, bafflingly, a week before the iPad 5 is due to be unveiled by Tim Cook.

Analysts are the source of these rumours, tapping into sources at suppliers for the latest on what Cupertino is planning to release in a year’s time.

The iPad 6 gossip focusing on increased PPI is interesting.

Not because of its tales of a super bright screen, but because it also pooh-poohs other tittle-tattle about a 12-inch iPad.

That was taken as gossip gospel among Apple watchers until recently, but is now being pushed aside by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

iPad 5 sonny dickson

That suggests that the guesswork element here is getting out of hand.

Kuo is obviously working on the financial side, advising investors whether to plump on Apple stock.

But his rumours, looking at a product two generations away, can feel more than a little bit fanciful.

It’s the same with Peter Misek’s 4.8-inch iPhone 6.

A phablet version of Apple’s handset has been rumoured since before Steve Jobs died.

Steve Jobs

Supply-chain sources might reckon it’s happening, but it’s more likely Apple is testing the screen size and nothing will come from it. Just like the aforementioned 12-inch iPad.

So, where do we draw the line?

There’s obviously an appetite for rumours about future tech products.

You only need to look at the popularity of these stories across the web to see that.

But it’s now reached a point where it’s getting harder than ever to find credence in some of them.

The most outlandish stories are obvious, but so many more banal ones also end up being untrue.

iPhone NFC

It’s unlikely Apple will ever embrace NFC, whatever reports may suggest, or that Samsung will stop experimenting with a million different form factors.

Perhaps it’d be better if companies were more open. But then that takes away the excitement and the hype, things money can’t buy.

Instead, the entire industry needs to take a collective deep breath and focus on imminent new kit rather than stuff that’s a long way off and that will doubtless morph into heaps of different products before it winds up in consumers’ hands.

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