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  5. Tim Cook defends struggling iPhone 5c

Tim Cook defends struggling iPhone 5c

Tim Cook defends struggling iPhone 5c

Tim Cook has launched a robust defence of the iPhone 5c, telling investors it was not designed as an entry-level device. Cook was speaking after Apple revealed record July-September sales of all iPhones, with 33.8 million sold.

In a conference call after the results were made public, Cook said: “If you look at what we've done, we're selling the iPhone 4s as our entry offer. We sell the iPhone 5c as the mid-tier and the 5s.

"Our goal is to have growth across the iPhone but we want each of those categories to grow as compared to what we were doing previously.”

Cook’s comments come amid analysts' complaints that the iPhone 5c isn't priced competitively enough. Apple’s profits were down in the most recently reported quarter and share prices fell last night.

Industry-watchers claim that the iPhone 5s is outselling its cheaper stablemate by two to one. According to Localytics, the 5s is said to account for a massive 83% of iPhone sales in China, the territory where the plastic device was expected to do well.

Cook, however, appears unconcerned. Other analysts have claimed that the iPhone 5c is likely to see a pick up in sales, because it’s aimed at users who don’t naturally buy new devices the moment they’re launched, unlike many iPhone 5s owners.



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