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Top 5 iOS 7 and iPhone 5s problems

Top 5 iOS 7 and iPhone 5s problems

Apple is facing up to a growing number of niggles with its swanky new operating system and the top-end iPhone 5s.

In the weeks since its record-breaking opening weekend, users have found myriad problems with the new phone and especially with its operating system.

Some bugs have been fixed, but others remain in limbo. That’s led to infuriated users deleting apps and begging Apple to set to work on a comprehensive update to sort all these issues once and for all.

Here’s the five glitches that are causing the most grief to the iFaithful. How many have you been affected by?


ios 7 imessage

Apple’s messaging system is currently awaiting a much needed update, after Cupertino admitted the service wasn’t working properly on iOS 7.

The problem? Messages simply not sending, hanging for ages before a ‘Not Sent’ warning appears.

The service hasn’t been defaulting to SMS in these cases, as it’s supposed to do when unavailable.

A fix is expected imminently, but this has caused Apple plenty of embarrassment.

Lock screen security

iOS 7 for iPhone (official)

Sorted last week, this lock screen glitch was hard to replicate, but a problem nonetheless.

By swiping into the camera app, users were able to delve straight into their social media and email accounts without having to enter a passcode or use the iPhone 5s’s Touch ID function.

At a time when device security issues are top of the tech agenda, Apple cannot afford to lose the well-earned high ground its gained over Google Android.

Logout woes

paypal iphone

High-profile apps like PayPal, Mailbox and SnapChat have been logging users out on iOS 7, with annoying consequences.

Mailbox users have complained of having to go through tortuous setup processes each time this happens, with a workaround preventing the app updating in the background.

That’s hardly ideal if you use your iPhone as a work device.

This is a huge issue for developers, who say the blame lies with iOS 7 and its aforementioned background refresh feature.

They’re getting bad reviews and having apps deleted because of an Apple mishap.

Compass and gyroscope levels

ios 7 compass

Gizmodo’s comprehensive look at the iPhone 5s’s compass levels has shown that the new device’s balance is all off.

It can’t be used as a reliable spirit level, the gyroscope is around 3 degrees out, making gaming accuracy awkward and almost impossible and the compass is so far out that map directions could easily be affected.

The problem is apparently only occurring on the iPhone 5s.

Motion sickness

ios 7 multi-tasking

The swift zoom and animation on iOS 7 sure looks slick.

But there have been heaps of reports of users getting motions sickness when multitasking or flicking between apps.

However, short of a full scale redesign, it’s unlikely Apple will be looking to fix this one. It may be a case of just getting used to the new UX.

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