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iPhone 6 rumour: expect curved edges and display

iPhone 6 rumour: expect curved edges and display

Apple will opt for a more rounded, less boxy design for the next iPhone, rumblings from the tech rumour mill suggest.

Sources cited by Mac Otakara claim that the handset will ditch the squarer design that Apple initially adopted with the iPhone 4 for more curved edges that sound like they recall the fondly remembered iPhone 3GS.

In keeping with this rediscovered ‘there-are-no-corners here’ approach, the screen, which is currently as sharp-edged as sharp-edged gets, will also be more rounded, the Japanese site reports.

By way of a point of reference, a metal bumper manufactured by Squair for the current-generation iPhone is mentioned in a report from Apple Insider, which brought the news from Japan to the attention of the West.

Signs of Apple’s plans for its handset come amid further evidence that we can look forward to two iPhones this year: a 4.7-inch model and a super-sized 5.5-inch edition.

It’s thought the smaller model will arrive in September in line with Apple’s standard annual product refresh cycle.

The larger iteration isn’t due until months after that, purportedly because of battery issues and problems manufacturing a more expansive Retina Display screen.

Both phones are expected to feature Apple’s all-encompassing HealthBook wellbeing and fitness app.


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