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  5. iPhone 6 won’t look like leaks and could pack curved screen, says insider

iPhone 6 won’t look like leaks and could pack curved screen, says insider

iPhone 6 won’t look like leaks and could pack curved screen, says insider

Apple apostles would do well not to read much into the slew of leaked photos purporting to show the iPhone 6, a Japanese newspaper claims.

Nikkei issued its warning to the iFaithful after presenting an insider with a mock-up, bought from a Chinese vendor, of the sort that have been populating tech-site news articles for months now.

iphone 6 jimmy lin back

According to the man in the know, the biggest difference between the much-photographed mock-ups and the real iPhone 6 is that the latter could pack a curved screen that’s not a million miles from the LG Flex. That’s something that was absent from every leaked snap so far.

It’s also claimed that the white antenna bars across the back of the device that have featured in all iPhone 6 leaks so far will not be there in the finished model.

These are, we’re told, in place on the mock-ups solely to indicate where glass materials will be used instead of aluminium.

And in a final blow, the site reckons that the Apple logo on the back plate will be carved into the metal. That’s in contrast to leaked photos that appear to indicate that it would merely sit on top.

Assuming this is so it corroborates earlier rumours that this time around the Apple logo could light-up in tune with notifications for users.

Elements of the iPhone 6 that weren’t called into question by Nikkei, which dismisses mock-ups as little more than a “rough estimate” of the finished article, are the more curved edges and the repositioned buttons. So it seems we can probably trust the leaked images on these at least.

iphone 6 rear shell mac otakara

The latest outbreak of iPhone 6 speculation comes ahead of the phone’s putative official debut in mid-September, when we’ll reportedly be treated to two iterations with a 5.5-inch screen and 4.7-inch screen respectively.

Both handsets will run the freshly unveiled iOS 8 version of Apple’s operating system and are thought to feature a more robust version of Apple's Touch ID fingerprint scanner.


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