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iPhone 6 front panel pics emerge

iPhone 6 front panel pics emerge

iPhone 6 component leaks are now becoming a daily ritual. Following a slew of them last week, Taiwanese site Apple Club claims it has snared a front panel of the forthcoming 4.7–inch iPhone 6.

The screen looks much as you’d expect. And although the original report doesn’t detail whether it’s packing a toughened glass or sapphire display, it’s clear enough that this is a larger handset than the current-gen model.

The Touch ID module is in evidence too, hardly a surprise when chatter has been rife for months about Apple’s plans to include the security feature in the new iPhone 6 as well as its iPad Air 2 and possibly the iPad Mini.

Cupertino is yet to come clean with a launch date for the iPhone 6. However, the device is widely expected to launch on September 9th and hit shelves on September 19th.



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