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  5. iPhone 6 launch date: The five days to circle in your diary

iPhone 6 launch date: The five days to circle in your diary

iPhone 6 launch date: The five days to circle in your diary

We all know the iPhone 6 is coming. But as launch day edges ever closer, the question on everyone’s lips is exactly when we’ll be seeing the handset.

New rumours have suggested it could be as soon as four weeks’ time, while previous chatter pegged the device’s release for mid–October, two whole months away.

We’ve scoured the web and worked out the five most likely dates for the iPhone 6 launch. Read on and we’ll reveal all.

September 9th

iphone 6 complete rear panel leak 1

This is now looking the most likely. Why?

Because the date was revealed by Re/code, which is known to have deep connections with Apple and which has never got a single launch date prediction wrong.

The fact it’s been backed up by Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal suggests someone in Cupertino has blabbed about Apple's plans off the record.

Likelihood: 9/10

September 15th

iphone 6 rear shell mac otakara

This due date emerged from the notoriously unpredictable world of Chinese supply-chain sources.

The date was talked up extensively, but seeing as it’s a Monday, it seems highly unlikely that Apple would go for this one.

The source behind this leak claimed both the 4.7–inch and 5.5–inch phones would be shown off on the same day and then hit shelves ten days later.

But this seems distinctly fishy in light of recent developments.

Likelihood: 3/10

3 September 16th

iphone 6 bgr comparison

Until now, September 16th seemed nailed-on.

It’s a Tuesday, Apple’s favoured day for product launches and falls in the same mid month sweet spot that has seen the company release its new iPhone in recent years.

A junior Apple employee apparently divulged the details to MacRumors, but seeing as their information appears to have been superseded by tales of a September 9th launch, we’re taking this one with a pinch of salt.

Likelihood: 6/10

4 September 19th

iphone 6 china pricing

This Friday in September appeared on a flyer that was snapped and posted on Weibo in China.

It seems highly unlikely that Apple would hold an event on this date, but seeing as it always releases its phones just before the weekend in order to grab consumer attention, this could well be the release date.

However, China is littered with fake Apple stores and promotions for Cupertino’s kit that are simply illegitimate.

We like the idea of this, but Re/code’s talk of a September 12th release after a September 9th launch seem way more on-the-money.

Likelihood: 5/10

5 October 14th

The same source behind the September 16th launch reckons that Apple will wait a whole month before releasing both of its handsets.

There’s no chance of this happening for both models, although the larger 5.5–inch effort does seem to be suffering from delays.

Also, it’s a Tuesday. Apple only ever releases its phones on Fridays. So discount this one right now.

Likelihood: 1/10

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