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  5. iPhone 6: Apple reveals official bend tests

iPhone 6: Apple reveals official bend tests

iPhone 6: Apple reveals official bend tests

Apple has given US media unprecedented access to its testing labs, in a move designed to show how it stress tests its new iPhones and banish bad press over the iPhone 6 Plus's build quality.

The move comes after several stories emerged showing an iPhone 6 Plus bent out of shape during everyday use.

Re/code, The Verge and Wall Street Journal were all shown round the bunker, where Apple said it put some of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus review units (totalling 30,000) through their paces.

One of the tests allowed Apple to see if the super slim phone would bend when stashed in a pocket with a user parked on the sofa or in an office chair. Thousands of tests were repeated on the same handset.

Another test saw Apple apply 25 kilos of weight around the device and while it did bend, it subsequently returned to its original shape.

A pressure test put 10 kilos of weight through one small point onto the device, while a torsion test saw the phones twisted. There are other tests too, which Apple did not reveal to the assembled hacks.

Tellingly, Apple says it has received just nine complaints about the iPhone 6 Plus being bent out of shape.

However, Phil Schiller, the company’s marketing chief, did not say how may complaints it had received regarding the iPhone 6, saying only they were ‘extremely rare’.

‘Bendgate’ is just one of the issues facing Apple this week. The company was forced to pull its firs iOS 8 update, iOS 8.0.1, after it caused phones to lose mobile signal.

It has since apologised and released a further update.



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