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  5. Apple Pay: Cupertino hits back in NFC row

Apple Pay: Cupertino hits back in NFC row

Apple Pay: Cupertino hits back in NFC row

Apple has responded to the decision by CVS and Rite Aid to suspend NFC payments following the launch of Apple Pay, saying it had received ‘overwhelmingly positive’ feedback about the mobile payment service since its launch last week.

The Cupertino company took the unusual approach of issuing a statement after the two US pharmacies instructed staff to switch NFC payment machines and inform customers that they were working on their own mobile payment solution.

This is thought to be CurrentC, a mobile app being developed by a consortium of retailers known as the Merchant Consumer Exchange (MCX). Members include Gap and Walmart.

Apple said: “The feedback we are getting from customers and retailers about Apple Pay is overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic.

"We are working to get as many merchants as possible to support this convenient, secure and private payment option for consumers.”

The tech giant was at pains to mention that there are over 220,000 official places that accept Apple Pay in the US. Many other retailers are also thought to be taking payments via Apple’s service.

The move by CVS and Rite Aid has provoked incredulity among Apple Pay users, who have said that it’s no different to a shop refusing to accept the likes of MasterCard or Visa.


Business Insider

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