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iPhone 7 helps Apple turn around flagging device

iPhone 7 Plus hero

Despite the iPhone 7 offering only minor changes compared with the iPhone 6s, the new device helped sales of Apple’s bestselling product rebound between October and December 2016.

Apple shifted a hefty 78.29 million iPhones, a 5% jump from the same period a year earlier, when it sold 74.779 million devices. It marked a massive 79% increase on the three months from July to September 2016, when sales of 45.513 million saw Apple report a decline in the iPhone’s popularity.

iPhone 8 rumours: Release date, specs and everything you need to know

The iPad continues to suffer, however, sliding by 19% year–on–year. It’s likely that the popularity of Apple’s first–rate iPhone 7 Plus has contributed to this.

Apple is still refusing to say how well its Apple Watch is selling, just that it had a ‘record quarter’.

The iPhone’s popularity is likely to be boosted by the launch of the iPhone 8, which is due to hit shelves in late 2017. The new device is expected to have a curved screen, all–new glass design, truly wireless charging and a 3D dual lens camera.



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