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iPhone 8 leak points towards wireless charging plans


Leaked blueprints for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 suggest the handset can be charged wirelessly.

The design drawing, which first surfaced on Chinese social media and has since spread across Twitter, shows what appears to be the back of the iPhone 8.

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The most striking feature is a large circle, which some Apple watchers believe will be the iPhone 8’s wireless charging area.

This could allow users to power up their device via a charging surface, rather than plug it into the mains or a battery pack.

Elsewhere, the top of the phone has a vertical cutout for the camera, reiterating growing claims that Apple plans to change the orientation of its dual lens system, so that it's compatible with Virtual Reality (VR) headsets.

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However, there’s no space for a rear fingerprint scanner, something which appeared in previous leaks.

A number of design drawings for the iPhone 8 have appeared online in recent weeks.

However, at this stage it’s impossible to tell which are the finalised plans for Apple’s long–awaited smartphone.

With five months until launch, it’s likely plenty of similar images will appear before the iPhone 8 hits shelves.



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