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iPhone 8: Apple software lays bare plans for tap-to-wake and status bar, but no Touch ID

iphone 8 concept hero

The iPhone 8 will not feature Touch ID fingerprint security, rumours suggest, but will find room for a special tap-to-wake function and an interactive status bar.

That’s according to developer Steven Troughton-Smith, who has been delving into a version of the tech giant's iOS 11 software released for its forthcoming HomePod speaker.

Troughton-Smith's investigations have already confirmed plans for a feature called ‘Face Detect’, which will use 3D face scanning to offer biometric security when making purchases and unlocking the device.

His latest discoveries, revealed on Twitter, give an even clearer picture of exactly what Apple has planned for the long–awaited iPhone 8.

Perhaps most interestingly, he says that he has yet to find any reference to Touch ID being built into the iPhone 8’s screen.

That tallies with recent rumours that Apple will ditch its fingerprint scanner in favour of the aforementioned face-recognition tech.

A special ‘spilt status bar’, he adds, will sit across the top of the iPhone 8’s screen, showing details from data strength to battery percentage. This, Troughton-Smith believes, may even be interactive.

The developer says he’s also found mention of tap-to-wake functionality, which would allow users to touch anywhere on the iPhone 8’s screen in order to fire it up.

With no physical home button, this appears to be an essential feature.

The so–called virtual home button, which will apparently sit at the bottom of the device and operate as a function area alongside key apps, will apparently be called the ‘home indicator’, disappearing when the iPhone 8 is in full screen mode.

Apple is set to unveil the iPhone 8 at a special event in September.

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