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iPhone X may not available until 2018, say analysts

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Apple’s iPhone X may not be widely available until well into 2018, with production delays and huge demand to blame for the hold up.

That’s according to a number of financial analysts tasked with keeping an eye on Apple’s supply chain.

While Gene Munster, a well known Apple-watcher, reckons that supply should be in stock by January, others aren’t as optimistic.

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Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research said the device would be readily available ‘sometime in the first quarter’ while fellow expert Tim Bajarin reckons it could be ‘a good three or four months’ for supply to catch up with demand.

The iPhone X goes up for pre–order on 23rd October, with Apple saying the device will be available to buy on 3rd November.

Prior to its launch earlier this month, a series of reports suggested Apple was struggling to get OLED screens that worked with the device, as well as having issues with getting Face ID to work properly.

Despite starting at £999 SIM–free, the iPhone X is expected to be a huge hit when it does finally hit shelves.

Demand for the recently launched iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is said to be relatively weak, suggesting the iPhone X is the device consumers are keen to get their hands on.


USA Today

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