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  5. Most iPhone owners still opting against installing iOS 11

Most iPhone owners still opting against installing iOS 11

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iOS 11 has been installed on just 38% of compatible iPhones and iPads some two weeks after the software was first released, in a further sign that unusually high numbers of Apple device-owners are delaying updating their handsets.

In 2016, the then-new iOS 10 was already on 48% of iPhones within the same timeframe. And that's despite last year's edition of Apple’s iOS operating system suffering from a string of issues that caused devices to stop working.

More signs of slow uptake for iOS 11 comes a week after initial figures suggested the software was not matching iOS 10 in terms of popularity among iPhone owners.

The reasons for this are not yet clear. However, it’s likely to be a combination of consumer confusion around availability due to the top–end iPhone X not hitting shelves until early November, and Apple’s decision to ditch key features from iOS 11 at the last minute.

Apply Pay Cash and iCloud Messages, both trailed as core functions of iOS 11, did not make the final cut, although both are expected to arrive as part of a major update in the coming weeks.

Apple has yet to reveal official installation figures, or confirm sales of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which came out on 22nd September.

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