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Apple looking to boost iPhone battery with its own chipset

iPhone X wireless charging hero image

Apple is working on a special chipset designed to boost battery life, improve power consumption and offer faster charging, with the aim of having it built into its entire iPhone range from 2019.

Sources cited by business site Nikei claim that it could install the chipset into some iPhones in 2018. It’s all part of Apple’s wider plan to stop relying on third parties to produce key components of its bestselling product.

Currently, the iPhone’s power management chip is made by a British company, Dialog Semiconductor.

The insiders believe that Apple’s own chipset could help it offer much improved performance while consuming much less power, with greater control over how components use energy.

In the real world, that means future iPhones could have the potential to last a lot longer on a single charge.

While the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X offer decent power packs that can last upwards of a day, Apple’s other iPhones often struggle to last from morning until night on one charge.



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