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iPhone X 2019 editions could have smaller notch

Apple said to be combining Face ID and front–facing camera in 2019 lineup.
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Apple is exploring the possibility of making the controversial notch on its iPhone X smaller, with reports suggesting 2019’s iPhone range will be the first to benefit from the design change.

Supply-chain sources in Korea say Apple is hoping to achieve the change by combining the sensors used for its Face ID function and its front–facing camera into a single module.

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It’s not yet clear how Apple will achieve such a complex task, although any changes will not make it to the 2018 range, which is not due to launch until September at the earliest.

The notch on the iPhone X split opinon when it was first unveiled last autumn.

Some users said it was a necessary compromise in order to have Face ID work so well.

Others slammed it as poor design that could have been avoided by ditching the screen areas found on either side of the notch.

Apple is believed to be working on three iPhone X updates for 2018, including one 'plus size' model and another with an LCD panel at a more affordable price point.



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