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  5. Apple is investigating iPhone X call bug

Apple is investigating iPhone X call bug

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Apple is investigating a glitch that means some iPhone X handsets are unable to take incoming calls, after a small number of complaints were posted on the tech giant's official message boards.

According to users' accounts, iPhone X handsets affected by the problem will ring or vibrate, but the handset’s screen will not wake up, often for several seconds.

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That means users are not able to see who has called or pick up the phone to find out.

In a brief statement, Apple said it was ‘looking into these reports’.

The issue fits into a wider pattern of iPhone X problems, most of which Apple has appeared to have dealt with in the previous few months.

The company has already had to apologise for the iPhone X failing to work in colder temperatures.

The news comes just days after it was revealed iPhone sales dipped by 1.3% between October and December.

The fall is believed to be due to the iPhone X’s delayed launch, with a boost expected in the current quarter.


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