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  5. Apple reveals Battery Health feature for iPhone

Apple reveals Battery Health feature for iPhone


Apple has revealed its new, much-trailed Battery Health feature for iPhone, giving developers a first look at the function, which is part of the latest test version of iOS 11.

Appearing within an iPhone’s Settings app, the new screen shows whether a device’s battery is operating at ‘Maximum Capacity’ and ‘Peak Performance Capability’.

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Newer iPhones and those with recently replaced batteries will be operating at maximum capacity, meaning it will not either possible or necessary to turn off performance management features.

Older iPhones will have the option to turn off power management, meaning batteries could run down faster, but that handsets won’t become sluggish to use.

The new feature is part of Apple’s wider bid to win back the trust of iPhone owners after it was revealed the company slowed down older iPhones using the latest iOS software.

It has since started offering cheap, £25 battery replacements for iPhone 6 and all models thereafter, which significantly boosts performance.

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Battery Health will be part of iOS 11.3, which is set to be released in March.



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