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What are the cheapest broadband deals?

The best way to find cheap Wi-Fi deals on Uswitch is by putting in your postcode and address, then sorting the results above by cost (low to high).

The cheapest broadband deals tend to vary from week to week, as providers update their latest offers with different promotions and prices throughout the year.

Just keep in mind that the best broadband deals aren't always the least expensive ones — your priority should be to find a deal that's right for your needs. It's all well and good choosing a very cheap offer, but if it's for a slower internet speed than what you require, you might struggle to do all you enjoy doing online.

But aside from just changing the monthly price, there are many ways providers make their Wi-Fi deals less expensive.

Extras and bill credits

It's important to look beyond monthly prices. Many providers will often throw in extras, such as vouchers, gift cards and bill credits that can bring the overall cost of your package down.

For example, a cheap broadband deal could cost £20 a month for a 12-month contract, but it could come with a £50 voucher or reward card to spend as well. This effectively works out to £15.83 a month, which is quite a saving.

Bundle offers

If you pay for other services like digital TV or a mobile phone contract, a low price broadband deal could also be one that bundles a group of services for a single monthly price.

If that total costs you less than your separate bills put together, it might work out less expensive to group them together under one provider.

Contract terms

Remember to compare the length of the contract and if the provider guarantees no price rises during the minimum term. A shorter contract may sound better because you could switch sooner to a new deal — something that would be very convenient for renters, for example.

But monthly prices on shorter contracts are usually higher than longer commitments. So you should make sure the convenience is worth the extra amount you could be paying.

As it's always worth noting, your bill could increase significantly once the contract term is over, too. So a cheap broadband deal with a longer contract and a guarantee of no price rises could save you more in the long-term. Especially if you know your life circumstances won't be changing much in that time.

This is why it pays to compare low-cost broadband deals to see what the total cost will be, factoring in setup fees and any other discounts or special offers.

Social tariff broadband deals

If you receive Universal Credit or another type of government-funded financial support, you might be able to qualify for a discounted broadband deal.

Some providers offer affordable Wi-Fi deals with prices from just £12 per month, so you could benefit from good broadband speeds for a much lower price.

Vodafone is the latest provider to announce universal credit broadband offers in response to the current cost of living crisis and record-breaking broadband price rises.

Take a look at our guide on broadband deals for low income families to see if you are eligible for one.

Cheapest broadband plans on in January 2023

PackageBroadband speedContract length
Hyperoptic 30Mb Fibre Broadband33Mb average*24 months
Sky Superfast Broadband59Mb average*18 months
Vodafone Fibre 267Mb average*24 months
Hyperoptic 150Mb Fibre Broadband - 12 Months158Mb average*12 months
Community Fibre 150Mbps Fibre Broadband150Mb average*24 months
Hyperoptic 50Mb Fibre Broadband57Mb average*24 months
NOW Broadband: Super Fibre63Mb average*12 months
Gigaclear Ultrafast 300 Broadband300Mb average*18 months
Community Fibre 150Mbps Fibre Broadband - 12 Months150Mb average*12 months
Community Fibre 50Mbps Fibre Broadband50Mb average*24 months
More broadband deals

More broadband dealsTrustpilot has given Uswitch a 4.7 out of 5 rating, based on around 22,000 customer reviews as of December 2022.

Which is the cheapest internet provider?

Each of the major broadband providers in the UK have relatively cheap Wi-Fi deals on offer. In most cases, this is for their standard ADSL broadband packages or superfast fibre deals, which provide you with basic internet access for prices as low as £18 or £19 per month.

Providers that offer low-cost broadband plans include the following.


Plusnet often features some of the lowest-price internet deals on the market, and it's well-known for offering excellent customer service.

The provider is part of BT Group, which includes other telecoms brands BT and EE. All three companies have annual price increases baked into their terms and conditions, which is worth keeping in mind before you sign up.

However, most broadband providers with low monthly costs also include some form of annual price hike, so this shouldn't necessarily be a reason to avoid Plusnet alone.


Another popular low-cost broadband provider is TalkTalk.

Just like Plusnet, TalkTalk keeps its monthly prices low and focuses on delivering a good service, with technical and financial support where needed. It's one of the 'big four' broadband providers in terms of number of customers, alongside BT, Sky and Virgin Media.

TalkTalk also offers broadband, TV and home phone bundles for a single monthly fee. So if you watch a lot of television and still use your landline, a 'triple-play' provider like TalkTalk will likely keep your bills down by providing all three services at once.


Mobile network Vodafone is fairly new to the broadband market, but it has entered it with full force thanks to its very cheap broadband deals and comprehensive telecoms packages.

Vodafone often sells its superfast 67Mbps broadband deal for the same price as other providers' slowest deals — and sometimes even throws in gift cards worth dozens of pounds for signing up. That is a lot of money saved compared to other providers on the market, some of whom sell deals at a similar speed for several pounds per month more than Vodafone.

NOW Broadband

Sky-owned TV and broadband provider NOW focuses on great value-for-money offers.

While its Wi-Fi services and TV bundles aren't as premium as Sky's, NOW makes up for it with some very low monthly prices. Plus, you can still get access to exclusive Sky content with its affordable TV add-ons.

What's the cheapest BT deal on Uswitch?

The cheapest broadband deal on offer from BT is BT Fibre Essential, which provides superfast 36Mbps average internet speeds.

At just below £30 per month, there are many cheaper options available from other providers for the same (and faster) speeds as this, so you won't find BT on our cheap broadband page as a result.

However, the provider is considered to offer a more comprehensive service than many other brands, so it tends to charge more because it usually gives customers a more premium experience.

Compare our BT broadband deals on Uswitch.

Pros and cons of cheap broadband deals

There are many obvious benefits to choosing a cheap broadband package, especially while the cost of living remains so high. But as with most products, you get what you pay for - and you need to make sure you avoid choosing a service that doesn't meet your needs.


  • Low monthly prices

  • You can still get superfast fibre speeds

  • Simple, straightforward broadband with no unnecessary bells and whistles


  • Usually offered by smaller providers with less comprehensive services

  • Not a good option if your household needs faster and more reliable broadband

  • They usually don't include the option to add a TV package to your plan

Is the lowest-price broadband also the slowest?

While copper ADSL broadband is usually the lowest-priced broadband type on the market, you can still get a comparably low-cost fibre broadband deal without paying too much more. But with some providers, it's actually sometimes cheaper to go for a faster fibre deal.

Most of the lowest-price broadband suppliers offer fibre broadband deals with superfast internet speeds from around £20 a month. That's only around £2 per month more than the least-expensive ADSL deals, which are much slower broadband speeds than fibre.

It's also worth remembering that more affordable broadband plans still jump up in price after your initial fixed-term contract ends. This means that if you're currently outside your fixed-term contract and still on an ADSL connection, you may even be able to get a lower-cost deal on a new fibre broadband package.

Low cost Wi-Fi comparison

Even our most well-priced Wi-Fi deals will include wireless internet, from the most basic ADSL internet to the fastest fibre broadband deal out there. An inexpensive Wi-Fi comparison will show you the different speeds and services you can get from your provider, delivered via a Wi-Fi connection, rather than a comparison of which Wi-Fi routers are best.

For example, looking for low-cost Wi-Fi in the table above could show you cheap Wi-Fi deals from the likes of Plusnet, TalkTalk and Vodafone, all of which offer Wi-Fi plans for a reasonable price.

See all our wireless broadband deals for more options.

Can I get cheaper Wi-Fi deals with a bundle?

If you only want internet access, a cheap broadband-only deal is likely to work out less expensive than a bundle deal.

But if regularly use landline, pay-TV or mobile phone network services, it normally pays to compare broadband bundle deals from a single provider to see if it works out less pricey.

For instance, if you opt for an inexpensive broadband-only deal that comes with phone calls on a pay-as-you-go basis, you'll need to think about how often you actually use the phone.

But if you're frequently chatting with friends and family, a bundle deal that gives you unlimited calls for a fixed price may work out more fairly-priced in the long run, even if the headline cost per month is more expensive.

Can I get affordable fibre broadband deals?

It's easier than you might think to find more afforable fibre broadband deals.

Our Uswitch deals tables regularly show fibre broadband deals for just £20-£25 a month, often with vouchers or cashback rewards for new customers. But with so many offers and discounts available, it's sensible to check what deals are available at the moment.

Many providers offer time-limited discounts, so comparing low-cost broadband deals is a must.

How to compare cheap broadband deals

Comparing deals and switching your broadband is a lot simpler than you might think. Here are our tips for finding the right well-priced broadband offer for you.

Find the right broadband speed

Low cost broadband plans are best suited for those on a tight budget or living in a small household. These could be students, or they could be those who don't use the internet very much. Plus, many people living in 1-2 person properties wouldn't need an extremely fast deal. This is why it's important to consider what you intend to use your broadband for.

The least expensive broadband deals will have relatively slow speeds, averaging around 10-11Mbps depending on your location.

If you're only planning to use your internet for browsing the web, checking emails and social media, or doing some online shopping, you should look for deals that offer these average speeds.

However, if you'll be downloading large files, streaming lots of TV, playing internet-hungry online games — or if you live in a household of more than two people — you may need a faster connection.

They're usually a little more expensive, but are often worth the money for what you can do with the jump in speed.

Get more advice from Uswitch on finding the right broadband speed for your household.

Watch out for download limits

You should also be aware of any limits on what you can download. These days, almost every package will offer unlimited usage, but some providers may have certain traffic management policies that restrict the speeds you can get at certain times, such as a Fair Usage Policy.

These shouldn't be an issue for most light users, but it's worth checking if you expect to be downloading large files or TV episodes at peak times (usually between 8-10pm), or use services like peer-to-peer file sharing.

Keep extra costs in mind

Finally, don't forget to see if there are any extra expenses, such as setup fees, line installation, delivery charges or the need to buy a router that will add to the upfront cost of the service.

It may be the case that a certain deal is a little extra per month than you wanted, but it could work out cheaper if it has free setup and no other additional charges.Find out more about how to switch your broadband with our dedicated Uswitch guide.

Cheap Wi-Fi deals in my area

Most low-cost Wi-Fi providers and packages are available on the Openreach network, which is available to the vast majority of UK properties. Therefore, you shouldn't run into any issues finding an affordable broadband deal in your area.

Openreach's copper phone line network provides ADSL broadband for 99% of UK homes, and its superfast fibre connections reach over 96% of the country. Both host the lowest-price internet deals available, so the best thing to do is compare broadband offers by searching your postcode on our Broadband Postcode Checker, and then sorting the results by 'Cost (low to high)' to see what options you have.

You could save £162 if you switch broadband with Uswitch, according to our broadband sales data from August 2022. Find out how we calculated this savings figure.

How to stay on top of your broadband bills

There are a lot of things you can do to enjoy the full potential of your internet, for the price you want it.

Our broadband guides have lots of useful information for both choosing the right deal, and for getting what you need from your current service.

Which is the cheapest Wi-Fi in UK?

The cheapest broadband types are copper ADSL and superfast fibre connections. Over the last year or so, fibre broadband has largely become as cheap, and sometimes even cheaper, than a much slower ADSL deal.

Some providers now sell fibre deals for as little as £18 per month, which is roughly the same price as where ADSL deals start. See our lowest-priced internet deals to find out for yourself.

What's the average internet bill per month in the UK?

Home internet connections in the UK usually start from around £18 a month for a basic 10Mbps internet package, and around £20 a month for a fibre internet package.

What is the cheapest type of broadband?

ADSL broadband, also known as standard broadband, is the cheapest type of broadband available in the UK. This offers average speeds of around 11Mbps - enough for basic web browsing and occasional streaming - though this may vary considerably depending on factors such as where your home is located.

What speed can I get with a low-cost broadband offer?

You can still expect to get superfast fibre broadband speeds with low-cost broadband deals.

While the very cheapest offers usually come with 10Mbps average speeds, you only need to spend a couple of pounds more per month to get 30-70Mbps speeds. These are much more suited to the needs of households today, especially if you live with three or more people.

Can I get affordable fibre broadband?

Yes, there are plenty of cheap fibre internet deals available in the UK. Monthly prices are typically slightly higher than for standard ADSL broadband, but comparing deals and taking into account offers such as free setup and cash back that can lower the overall cost can help you find a cheaper option.

Is it cheaper to bundle my services?

If you want to add home phone services, pay TV channels or even mobile phone contracts to your broadband contract, a bundled deal will usually work out cheaper than paying for each service separately. It pays to shop around and compare affordable Wi-Fi deals from multiple providers to see which packages offer the lowest price.

Is it less expensive to get Wi-Fi without a landline?

In most cases, no. Almost all of the cheapest broadband connections need a landline in order to connect to your home, and it's only faster connections that use different cables that don't require copper phone lines to work.

Can I get by with a cheap, standard broadband service?

It depends on how much demand your household will have for broadband. If you only use the internet to browse social media, shop online or watch the odd YouTube video, you could get by with standard speeds of around 10-11Mbps. However if you enjoy regularly streaming TV, playing high-quality online games, downloading large files or live in a household of more than two people, a fibre connection would be best.

The good news is, the cheapest fibre deals are often a very similar price to standard broadband, so you won't be paying much more at all for a faster service.