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How to get Wi-Fi in a caravan

Living or holidaying in a caravan shouldn’t mean sacrificing having good broadband. Read on to find out how you can access the internet from your caravan, wherever in the UK you might be.
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Man drinking a coffee while on a laptop while sitting in a caravan

Caravans are an excellent choice for those seeking fun and adventurous road trips or a more budget-friendly holiday. They also provide an affordable accommodation option amid rising housing prices, with caravan parks also offering a wonderful sense of community.

Caravans are certainly more popular than they have historically been. According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2021, 104,000 households lived in caravans or other temporary structures in England and Wales—19,000 more than a decade before.

Whether you own a caravan, rent one, or manage a site, chances are you've encountered challenges installing or optimising Wi-Fi. Traditional fixed-line ADSL broadband is rarely accessible in caravans. Even if cables are available, the signal quality is often compromised due to the distance from the exchange.

So, how do you make the most of the options available to you? If you're grappling with the dilemma of getting Wi-Fi in a caravan or getting a better connection, here’s what you can do.

On-site Wi-Fi

Using on-site Wi-Fi is the easiest solution for many mobile home users. This does depend on whether your mobile home is based on a caravan site, but the good news is that many caravan/holiday parks do offer Wi-Fi, which is often free. 

However, since they’re made of tin, among other materials, Caravans tend to block Wi-Fi signals. This worsens typically sluggish caravan park Wif-Fi due to factors like rural locations and multiple users that often make speeds slower.

Wireless hotspots are usually located close to the onsite reception area, but the speed and strength of the connection will fall if you are pitched further away. They will also vary depending on the site’s distance from the local servers and the number of users online. This means that, unfortunately, you probably won’t have the quality you experience at home when using public Wi-Fi.

Also, in many cases, on-site Wi-Fi isn’t always available, so you may need other options to connect your devices when it doesn't work. 

Phone tethering

Another option is to use your smartphone to connect your laptop or tablet to the internet. This is a great short-term solution for anybody using a caravan for a holiday for example. It’s very quick to set up and doesn’t require any additional equipment or new contracts. You simply switch on the personal hotspot on your phone so you can connect your other devices and access the internet immediately.  

However, the problem with tethering is you're likely to exhaust your data allowance relatively quickly. And once that limit is reached, you'll incur significant charges for continued internet access. Additionally, tethering to your smartphone tends to give you a slower connection speed compared to using a dongle or MiFi setup.

You can learn more about phone tethering in our ‘What is tethering?’ guide

MiFi devices

MiFi devices, short for Mobile Wi-Fi, are compact, portable routers designed for connectivity on the go. These nifty gadgets function by connecting to local 4G or 5G networks, giving you internet access wherever you roam. Each MiFi device comes equipped with a distinct login code, granting you easy access to the network.


  • MiFi devices allow connections to multiple devices, making them ideal for group settings or for connecting various gadgets in your caravan.

  • With none of the upfront costs typically associated with traditional routers or internet subscriptions, MiFi offers a budget-friendly solution for accessing the internet while on the move.


  • Since most MiFi devices operate on battery power, you need to remember to charge your MiFi device to avoid losing your connection.

  • While convenient, MiFi devices are tethered to a single network, limiting you to the coverage and speed provided by that particular network provider.

If you want to learn more about MiFi devices, read our guide on ‘MiFi device vs mobile broadband router’.

5G broadband 

5G broadband operates much like your phone's internet connection but with a dedicated mobile broadband router. Upon acquiring a SIM card, which you insert into your 5G router, it generates a Wi-Fi network for multiple devices within your caravan to connect to. If you have a strong 5G signal, you’ll get download speeds comparable to those of traditional home broadband.

These broadband packages can be purchased alongside your mobile phone contract, either on a pay-as-you-go basis or through monthly payments, making them great for occasional use.

Additionally, you can purchase an external antenna to put outside your caravan to enhance signal strength and boost speeds.

If your caravan experiences poor mobile signals, this may not be the ideal solution for you. 


  • Easy setup, 

  • Widespread availability 

  • Flexible payment arrangements. 


  • Reliability can be an issue, especially in areas with weak mobile signals.

But before committing to a provider, it's best to check which one offers the best coverage in your area. Read our ‘Best mobile network coverage in the UK’ guide for more information. 

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Fixed wireless broadband

If available, fixed wireless broadband is a good solution for getting a Wi-Fi connection to your caravan.

This technology functions by wirelessly linking to a nearby radio tower via a small antenna attached to the outside of your caravan. However, for a stable fixed wireless connection, it's essential to maintain a clear line of sight to the mast, so this is only an option for those caravan users with a permanent location. 

In most cases, an engineer will assess your range eligibility and be available for same-day installation, ensuring quick access to online services.


  • Straightforward setup process 

  • Reliable download speeds 

  • Affordability

  • Dependable performance 


  • Poor weather conditions may occasionally impact connectivity 

  • The requirement for a clear line of sight could pose a problem

On Uswitch, you can compare Wireless broadband deals from all of the well-known providers to find the best deal for your needs. 

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Can broadband be installed in a caravan?

Yes, it can, as long as you have a permanent location for your caravan like at a caravan site. Always remember to ask your site manager about the possibility of installing broadband in your caravan. They can discuss the available options with you, which might include fixed wireless or wired connections. If those aren't feasible, 4G could serve as a reliable backup option.

What is the cheapest way to get internet in a caravan?

If you’re based on a caravan site, then the cheapest option will to be to on-site Wi-Fi as this will often be free. However this connection can be slow at times if there are lots of other users.

Another cheap option is to use your phone as a mobile hotspot and use your monthly data allowance from your provider.However, in the long run this can get expensive if you use too much data and exceed your monthly limit.

Can I get Sky broadband in my static caravan?

If you have a landline telephone in your caravan, you can probably get some form of traditional wired broadband from providers like BT, Virgin Media and Sky.

If not, there isn’t much chance of having a wired connection. Don’t worry, there are other ways you can get broadband in your caravans, such as fixed wireless and 4G broadband.

Can I watch Netflix in my caravan?

As long as you have an internet connection of at least 3Mbps, whether it's through broadband or a mobile hotspot, you can enjoy Netflix in your caravan.


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