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Deposit unlock scheme

Could the deposit unlock scheme help you buy a home? Learn all about it works in our article below.
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Pile of coins with a house beside them, representing saving up to buy a home

What is the deposit unlock scheme?

The deposit unlock scheme is the first UK home ownership scheme of its type, as it was devised without any government involvement.

Created via a collaboration between The Home Builders Federation (HBF), Gallagher Reinsurers and a handful of mortgage lenders, it enables both first-time buyers and home movers to purchase new-build homes with just 5% deposit.

With the government’s Help to Buy scheme now closed to applicants in England and no direct replacements for the scheme planned outside of Wales, this scheme intends to replace some of the benefits for those looking to buy a new-build property. 

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How does the deposit unlock scheme work?

Outside of the help to buy scheme, those looking to buy a new build home typically require around a 15% deposit in order to qualify for a mortgage. This is due to the ‘new build premium’, which refers to the higher cost of buying a brand new home, compared to a quicker than average decline in value, due to not being brand new when it is sold on. 

The scheme allows buyers to select one of the homes assigned to the deposit unlock scheme by one of the 50 participating housebuilders across the UK with a 95% mortgage from one of the associated lenders.

It can be used to purchase both houses and flats with two bedrooms or more up to the value of £833,250, depending on your personal circumstances and ability to qualify for the relevant sized mortgage.

How to qualify for the deposit unlock scheme 

  • You can be a first-time buyer or buying a new home, but the scheme can only be used for your main and only home

  • You will need to meet all of the qualifying criteria for at least one of the participating lenders

  • You will not be able to borrow more than £750,000

  • You cannot own any second homes or buy-to-let properties on completion of the sale

  • You cannot buy any properties outside of those specifically assigned to the scheme

Home builders participating in the scheme

  • Anderson Design & Build

  • Anderson O&U

  • Ashberry Homes

  • Baker Estates

  • Barratt Homes

  • Barratt London

  • Bellway Homes

  • Bellway London

  • Bewley

  • Bloor Homes

  • Bovis Homes

  • Braidwater Limited

  • CALA Homes Limited

  • City & Country Homes

  • Countryside Properties

  • Crest Nicholson

  • Croudace Homes

  • Davidson Group

  • David Wilson Homes

  • Devine Homes

  • Edenstone Holdings

  • Edwards Homes

  • Fairview

  • Gleeson Build & Develop Limited

  • Hayfield Homes

  • Hill

  • Ilke Homes

  • Keepmoat Homes

  • Linden Homes

  • Mandale Homes

  • MCI

  • Miller Homes

  • MJ Gleeson PLC

  • Morris Homes

  • Morrish Homes

  • Nicholas King Homes

  • Norfolk Homes

  • Pat Munro Homes

  • Persimmon

  • Prospect Homes

  • Redrow

  • St Modwen Homes

  • Stonebond Group

  • Stonebridge Homes

  • Taylor Wimpey

  • Thakeham

  • Thomas Homes

  • Vistry Group

  • Weston Homes PLC

  • Wheeldon Brothers

Mortgage providers offering the scheme

  • Accord Mortgages

  • Nationwide Building Society

  • Newcastle Building Society

It is also expected that additional lenders will join the scheme in the coming months

Each of the three existing lenders at the time of writing offer some form of incentive as part of their deposit unlock products, such as free valuations or cashback, but offers are subject to change. 

All deals are available exclusively via a mortgage broker, so you will not be able to go to any of the participating lenders directly for a deposit unlock mortgage. 

Should you use the deposit unlock scheme?

Like any mortgage or home ownership scheme, whether or not they are the most suited to your needs will depend on your individual circumstances and exactly what you’re looking for. There are also both benefits and drawbacks, which will need to be considered alongside your goals and finances, before you make a decision:

  • You can buy a brand new house or flat with two or more bedrooms with just 5% deposit

  • You don’t need to be a first-time buyer (unlike the majority of home ownership schemes)

  • Regional price cap restrictions do not apply

  • There is no income limit for borrowers

  • New build properties use less energy than older homes, meaning lower utility bills

  • You can only choose scheme properties, which may not be in your preferred areas

  • There are currently only three lenders able to offer this type of mortgage, which limits your opportunity to qualify for a loan and may receive less competitive rates

  • New build homes lose value more quickly than pre-owned home, as you will pay a premium for it being brand new, which will no longer apply when you sell it

Deposit unlock scheme FAQs