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18 months 0% interest on Santander cashback credit card

Santander 123 cashback credit card now comes with 18 months 0% interest on purchases

The new 18 months interest-free offer makes it one of the longest credit card purchase offers on the market

The new 18 months interest-free offer makes the Santander 123 credit card ‘one of the longest’ purchase offers on the market

Santander has added 18 months interest free credit on purchases to its Santander 123 credit card.

The new 18 months interest-free offer makes it ‘one of the longest’ purchase offers on the market.

In addition to this, the Santander 123 credit card’s APR has been cut from 22.8% to 16.5%.

New and existing cardholders will be able to spread the cost of large purchases across 18 months.

As with all introductory offers, the length is subject to status and application, so not all customers will be guaranteed the exact rate or 0% interest-free period as advertised.

Cashback and annual fee refund

The Santander 123 credit card comes with an annual fee of £24, but this will be waived if you already have or apply for a Santander 123 current account before the end of 2014.

The credit card already provides 1% cashback on purchases at all major supermarkets, 2% cashback at all major department stores, and 3% cashback at all major petrol stations and on national rail and Transport for London travel.

One of the longest 0% interest offers

Contactless technology has also been added allowing customers to pay quickly for items that cost £20 or less.

Reza Attar-Zadeh, head of retail products at Santander, said: “With one of the longest 0% interest offers on purchases, a new low APR and up to 3% cashback on purchases, the Santander 123 credit card is ideally suited to every day spending, and a competitive shorter term borrowing option for larger purchases.”

The card is now at the top of the purchase credit cards ‘best buys’ along with the Tesco Clubcard credit card for purchases.

  • Richard Kearsey

    Do the “simplified tariffs” really mean “simplified” and MORE EXPENSIVE tariffs? (…I seem to remember when train fares were “simplified” and were hiked up to simpler and more expensive fares).

    As an energy efficient low user of gas/electricity (using less than 1kWh per day, zero usage most days) will I now have no choice but to have to pay a standing charge in order to subsidise other customers with higher energy usage?

  • Paul Hubbard

    Just Great. I have only just moved over from EON on the advice of U switch and other similar sites only to have a letter from NPower today informing me of a standing charge of 44p per day that’s £13 per month for doing nothing. My annual consumption, as we don,t heat with gas, is only £32 !! What are they playing at !!!!

  • Viv Johnson

    I’ve also received a letter from npower about their new ‘simpler’ tariff which will mean an extra £84/year for me as I am a low energy user. In the letter it states ‘If you’re due to pay more on the new charges we’ll make a one off credit to your account. However, if you spend less than around £27 on gas and £12 on electricity per month, you will see an increase in your overall costs but you will not receive a credit to reflect this.’ So, you will receive a credit if your bill is more, unless you’re a low user – typically pensioners living on their own – surely they shouldn’t get away with discriminating against low users in this way

  • ThreeCheeseFondue

    Well, that’s me gone. I’ll be switching to a different supplier in the next few weeks. Thanks for nothing, Ofgem.

  • RC

    Personally I’d rather be utterly confused by a small bill than pay £180/yr for the privilege of having gas I hardly use, thanks to a range of energy efficiency measures. Now I’m being expected to help pay the bills of those who don’t care … Just brilliant. Bye bye npower, hello Ebico…

  • J Booth

    Basically these changes just penalise the people who have spent money making energy saving changes to the house to cut back on heating bills and cut back on gas bills. These changes are just pointless as you now get better value by using more gas and damaging the planet (as if the Government or Ofgem genuinely care anyway) and lines the pockets of Npower and the Government through increased revenue and taxes. – Had no choice but to get my gas disconnected due to an increased bill of around £200 – Thanks for making it nice and simple – i now have no central heating, hot water or gas cooker. – DISGUSTING!

    • ADS

      I’m switching to a company called Ebico (see online). They have no standing charges and are ideal for those with low consumption, like me. Npower were great when there were no standing charges but now they’re rip-off merchants.