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Best 0% purchase credit cards

0% interest purchase cards enable you to borrow for free in the short term by not charging interest on card spending

While there is no such thing as a definitive ‘best purchase card’ there may be a card that is more suitable for your needs than others, choose from:

Compare 0% purchase cards

Find a credit card with an interest free period for purchases.

Find a 0% purchase card

So while 0% purchase cards are a good way to borrow for free there are a few important catches to remember:

  • The interest is only 0% on purchases you make with the card, if you withdraw any cash with the card you will be charged a higher rate and additional fees.
  • The APR for many 0% cards will be high once the 0% period expires so make sure you pay off your balance in full, a low APR credit card may be more suitable for sustained borrowing.
  • You will need to meet all your minimum monthly repayments or you may lose the 0% interest offer.

Longest 0% purchase period

If you want to have the most time possible to pay off your card balance before being charged interest you will want a card with the longest 0% period.

0% purchases and balance transfers combined

These cards are commonly referred to as ‘best of both world’ or ‘all in one’ cards, by combing 0% periods for balance transfers and purchases you can avoid interest on both your spending and existing card debts with just one card.


This MBNA card is suitable for all forms of interest free card borrowing, with 20 months 0% on purchases and balance transfers. You can even use it to get an interest free cash loan with 20 months 0% for money transfers – though an upfront 4% fee applies.

0% purchases with cashback

Getting cash back as you spend is a great way to make your card work for you, but normally this benefit is only available with cards that have high APRs (i.e. cards aimed at those who will pay off their balance in full each month).

However it is possible to find a card that offers you cashback on your spending as well as 0% interest.


Credit builder cards with 0% purchases

If you have adverse credit getting a card with 0% purchases can be difficult, but a credit builder card with an interest free periods does exist.

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Compare 0% purchase cards

Find a credit card with an interest free period for purchases.

Find a 0% purchase card