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Netgear DG834

AOL Broadband - Just Broadband

Free wireless router & connection. Special 'broadband only' deal (no calls package).

Online exclusive: £5.31 FOR 3 MONTHS!

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up to* 8Mb
10GB 18 months £5.31 price details Buy now 0800 9540 377
Netgear DG834

AOL Broadband - Broadband and Calls

Free wireless router & connection. Off peak UK calls included.

Online exclusive: £5.20 FOR 3 MONTHS!

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up to* 8Mb
10GB 18 months £5.20 price details Buy now 0800 9540 377
Netgear DG834

AOL Broadband - Broadband, Calls & Line Rental

Free wireless router & connection. Evening & weekend UK calls and line rental included.


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up to* 10Mb
10GB 18 months £22.19 price details Buy now 0800 9540 377
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*The "up to" speed displayed in Mb is the maximum possible speed you are likely to receive for this product. The actual speed you will get depends on your cabling, your area and (with non-fibre optic products) time of day and how far you are from the telephone exchange. Most providers will tell you the likely speed you will receive when you begin your online sign up - this may differ from the speed displayed in the table.

AOL awards

  • Award uSwitch 2007 Best Customer Support

    uSwitch 2007 Best Customer Support

    The quality of AOL Broadband's support services has passed every test in these uSwitch broadband awards.

  • Award: Short-Contract Broadband 2008

    AOL Broadband's range of short-contract ‘Flexi’ packages really impressed the judges when looking at flexibility... more »

  • Award uSwitch overall customer support

    uSwitch overall customer support


    AOL Broadband take pride in offering customers top-notch customer support, this award is evidence their dedication.

  • Award uSwitch 2007 Best Quality of Connection

    uSwitch 2007 Best Quality of Connection

    AOL Broadband's victory in this category shows that their customers are enjoying excellent quality connections.

  • Award uSwitch 2007 Best Technical Support

    uSwitch 2007 Best Technical Support

    Technical support is vital to maintaining a great quality connection and AOL Broadband are excelling at offering this.

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  • Home phone / calls
  • Mac compatible
  • Free connection
  • Free wireless router
  • Home broadband
  • ADSL broadband
  • Line rental included in cost
Company history

Company history

AOL, formerly part of America Online in it's original US form, is the largest and most popular ISP provider in the United States and has been providing internet-based services since the early days of the mid-1980s. With a long history in the industry, AOL has both technical expertise and a well-established reputation for reliability and outstanding customer service.

The company began life providing interactive software, the initial online gaming service soon developed to encompass the graphical chat rooms. This formed the foundation of the worldwide communication network AOL Messenger. Progression is integral to AOL’s working practice as is seen in their transition from dial-up to broadband.

Since January 2001 AOL (USA) has been part of the multi-billion dollar media company Time Warner and, based on figures from December 2006, the company has 13 million subscribers across the globe.

Currently the UK version of AOL Broadband is owned and managed by The Carphone Warehouse which has allowed for remarkable deals for their mobile phone customers. In late 2007, AOL Broadband re-positioned themselves as the 'broadband experts' and launched a range of free laptop and Playstation 3 broadband deals.

Customer service

Customer service

It’s easy to get in touch with AOL Broadband’s clear and accessible customer service web page. All AOL Broadband customers have access to a members’ area with online support available via email, ‘live’ online help (8am-midnight, seven days a week), and AOL Broadband’s ‘Help Channel’–an online information resource for commonly asked questions.

Help is also on-hand via an national rate number, with lines open seven days a week, 8am-midnight. Calls are charged 7.51p per minute peak-time (Mon-Fri, 6am-6pm), 3.75p per minute off-peak (Mon-Fri, 6pm-6am) and 1.5p per minute at weekends.



AOL Broadband provides two types of Broadband packages, Wireless and Wireless Plus. Wireless Plus now comes with a free laptop. Both packages come with a free wireless router. Getting started is quick and easy with their ‘Broadband in a box’ installation package which, along with the router, includes a CD with AOL Broadband’s 9.0 software, all relevant cables, three filters, and a step-by-step guide on setting-up. There are no connection or activation fees!

Software features

Software features

A range of security features are included as part of AOL Broadband’s software package. The ‘Computer Check-up’ programme monitors the computer’s security settings and can address general problems, which will benefit the system’s performance. For peace of mind, parental control with AOL Broadband Guardian is also provided, along with web pop-up blocker, spam control and email anti-virus scanning.

Email features

Email features

Email accounts come with a hefty 2GB of storage, with up to 7 email addresses available, and security is ensured with AOL Broadband's anti-virus scanning.

AOL news

Customer reviews

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  • Am thinking of going elsewhere, been with AOL since early 2000's and even on a new computer "AOL Not Responding"!, it can be very frustrating and happening very regular on a daily basic, and they too have mislaid my account details twice, where it had taken them a few months to let me know and that was when they cut off the phone line without any notice at all! My wife's mother was poorly, she is disabled and not long lost her husband, when trying to ring, there was just music and a message to contact AOL services!!

    star D Evans, 16th December 2011
  • been with AOL 7 years now the last year found there service poor and customer service not that good very dissapointed with them constantly lossing connection for no reason looking to move in august when contract is up anyone looking to take aol as provider should do more reasearch before going with them as my own opioion of them is very poor dont know what went wrong they use to be good.

    star ian, 26th June 2011
  • Stuck with AOL because they're good whenever there's a problem. It's no bells and whistles compared with Sky anD virgin but they're good at what they do.

    starstarstarstar RACHEL BARTON, 11th November 2010
  • Have been with AOL 10 years & have found it just what i need as Raffy said if you just want broadband & no extras go for it.

    starstarstarstarstar Ursula, 7th November 2010
  • Been with Aol for about 10 years started on dial up then went over to broadband they were a great ISP but over the years they slowly got worse with discconections and at least 5 times a day. AOL NOT even worse since Talk Talk took over. wouldnt recommend them to anyone anymore like I used to.

    starstar Lee, 9th September 2010
  • My nan's internet went down a month ago. But AOL customer support spent pretty much a whole day talking her through the re-connection process. Fair play. I'm now thinking of switching to them.

    starstarstarstarstar jason alexis, 19th May 2010
  • AOL has been nothing but solid for me. Any tech problems were sorted within hours.

    starstarstar peter jameson, 25th April 2010
  • I have been with AOL for 3 years now and I haven`t had any problems so far. There are a lot of people out there who will be complaining no matter who they are with.

    PS: "not responding" is not really an error related to broadband is it?

    starstarstarstarstar Richard B, 28th February 2010
  • I am so sick of AOl not responding, but I'm trapped in a contract that I took out last October with my phone calls included.

    Whenever my internet connection is down, so is my home phone. As the router is upstairs and laptop downstairs, I was told to have laptop near the router. What a laugh, then when my phone went down too.

    I rang them via Orange and was told to dial 1470 and someone would ring me back. That was in 2009 and I'm still waiting. And dont get me started on AOL UK - I had to threaten them with court action. They had been taking money out of my account when I paid a 2 year subscription to Mcafee.

    star carol barlow, 16th February 2010
  • I have been with AOL broadband since the beginning and im now on platinium. I have had no problems: speed is good and it's good customer service too.

    starstarstarstarstar marina, 19th January 2010
  • I have been with AOL for many years now and have no complaints. i had to contact customer service this week because of my router packing up, where i spoke with a lovely girl who reduced my price and had a router delivered by friday......

    starstarstarstarstar sarah , 9th January 2010
  • AOL has got to be the worst. After putting up with this bad service for over 2 years (just don't like change) I finally got fed up with seeing the words "AOL not responding" and decided to go with sky.

    Called AOL to cancel. spoke to a rude and abrupt advisor, who proceeded to hang up the phone on me. Now AOL will NOT give me the MAC code.

    star GEORGE, 5th December 2009
  • I was originally with Compuserve (Dialup), before AOL took over and have supported them for 15 years, I've had problems in the past and AOL support have been able to sort them out.

    My download speeds (broadband) have never been quick, even when I was paying £29.99/month; now paying £14.99 (silver service?) after I told AOL I wanted to leave a couple of years ago, because I could get a better deal elewhere!

    My speeds were similar, but over the last 3 to 4 months my speeds have dropped off to a rediculous 0.1Mbps (0.2Mbps when connected through the Ethernet cable...... wow!)

    I have checked everything, gone through the lists, with no joy........... so like many others that have been disappointed with AOL's service lately, I can no longer accept the numerous and often feeble excuses that the Indian centre try to fob you off with.

    It looks like a choice between Sky (already have HDTV service); O2 or my mobile provider Orange.

    Wake up AOL and smell the 'proverbial' that you have left so many in.
    Goodbye from a not so happy, long standing customer.

    NO STAR RATING FOR 2009 4.5 STARS UPTO 1995-2008!

    star Dave, 17th October 2009
  • Very poor service ever since renewed my AOL service and upgraded to Broadband through Carphone Warehouse; BT reckon 6Mbsp available but typically only 2Mbsp speeds through the Carphone Warehouse server. Looking to swap to BT Broadband at renewal. Looks like I'm not the only one out there complaining.

    star Biernfels, 3rd October 2009
  • Been an A.O.L. customer for 10 years. There's a whole lot of stuff on there that I'd never use, but living in London I've had no probs with connection or customer Service when needed. It's worth paying a little more for the best.

    starstarstarstar Baz, 4th July 2009
  • Signed up for AOL LLU package in March and have had no complaints so far. I get a constant speed of over 6Mbp/s, no drop-outs and cheap bills. Was originally going to use BT, but they would only guarantee a speed of 256Kbp/s at nearly twice the cost. If you can get the LLU service, I'd really recommend it.

    starstarstarstarstar Robin , 8th June 2009
  • Been with AOL since the very start, always had perfect service.... Until Carphone Warehouse got their finger in. I seem to be contacting support every few days due to real bad connection issues.. Come on AOL pull your finger out

    star Kevin, 26th May 2009
  • I've been with AOL for around 7 years now. At first they were really good. But in the last year and a half all sorts of things have happened. I get disconnected for no apparent reason, some days I can't get online at all, and they have stopped recognising me as a customer - so I no longer have a proper account, hence I've lost all my old and saved emails etc. It's a joke! It also crashes all the time when I try to read emails via Outlook - and I mean about 20 times a day. I can't get any customer support (not a customer, remember, even though they are happy to take my money!). Tried sorting it out a couple of times and just ended up in a bizarre circular limbo with different people, so gave up. I think they are a service sadly well past its prime.

    star Leonie, 20th May 2009
  • I think that whoever you're with a few people will always have a bad experience. Shame Sue's has been with AOL as I've been a customer of theirs for a long time and it's been plain sailing all the way!

    starstarstarstar Caroline, 13th May 2009
  • In the 12 months that I have been with AOL I have spent weeks at a time offline, waiting for new routers, passwords, etc. My telephone was disconected 10 days ago and after daily lengthy telephone calls to India was told that because it was Easter!!!! they were unable to remove the bar as there was no one available to do it and it would be a further 48 hours - this was stated on a daily basis - I am still waiting - DONT GO NEAR AOL - false promises and lies and extremely POOR Customer Service

    star SUE MOON, 15th April 2009
  • We have recently moved to AOL following a nightmare with another internet provider and am so glad we did, since we had AOL I no longer have to work my life around calls to the help desk - AOL has been great!

    starstarstar Jemima, 6th April 2009
  • AOL 9.0 VR bug and spyware ridden, numerous disconnections, slow connection, stressed out CPU often at 100%. Huge waster of customer's valuable time with extra spyware scans to remove their spyware. Reboots to recover from AOL hogging 100% CPU which grinds PC to a halt. AOL very very poor since joining with Carphone Warehouse. Not recommended.

    star v, 5th April 2009
  • We have AOL broadband in our house - 5 medical students all working all hours of the day and night - so far no problems, I'd recommend it!

    starstarstar Aimee, 26th March 2009
  • Anyone thinking of going onto AOL Platinum be warned, its slower than dial up because the AOL 9vr software is a bug ridden piece of junk and not fit for purpose. Heres what you get for 30 pounds a month, an overheated and stressed out CPU, Jet lag waiting for pages to load and high blood pressure. You have been warned.

    star AOHELL, 21st February 2009
  • Useless! I am tired of paying for a service stating a Super-Fast Broadband of up to 8mbps but which only delivers 416kbps. AOL obviously don't pay the slightest attention to the enormous quantity of disgruntled customers that have left reviews complaining of dredful service on this site. So long as the money keeps rolling in then they are happy to provide a broadband service that seems to be no quicker than dial up. Poor, Very Very, Poor !!!!

    star Darren, 20th February 2009
  • Have tried to cancel aol for the passed year - they still taking money after numerous attempts of cancelling and trying to obtain a refund of monies as I been able to connect with aol dial up for over one year. I now use Orange.

    star Kay , 16th February 2009
  • RUBBISH SERVICE! Don't sign up! I have been with AOL since 2003 and in the last year their service has been terrible. Connection problem every month without fail, useless customer service. Cancelling with them just now

    star Liam, 12th February 2009
  • I recently had to move house as I lost my job, I thought would be a good time to switch from dial-up to broadband and as i've always been with AOL I thought I would see what they could do. After waiting 25 minutes just to talk to someone I was told yes I can have broadband and in my area I could get between 2-4 mb and I would receive my wireless router in about 10 days. I waited and nothing so I rang again and low and behold I couldn't have it because of some proplem with BT - wrong I called them too. Now mulitply everything I have written here by 3, and yes i'm still on dial-up!

    star Kelv, 23rd January 2009
  • Please please please, DO NOT EVER JOIN AOL!!!!!!!!! Words fail me to describe the pure anguish and frustration I've had in the time I've been with them. Once a week I without fail will have to talk to one of the useless creatures they have managing their phone lines, and the conversation will always be the same:

    My 8meg connection isn't even running at 0.5meg, yes I've got a brand new adsl filter on my phone line, yes the router is plugged into the master socket, yes I've turned it off waited 60 seconds then turned it back on there is not anything else I can do here at my end - the problem is at YOUR END! Every time they will do the same thing which is give me a new username and password for my router to connect with and it will take the best part of an hour for the idiot i'm talking to, to figure this out when I'M TELLING HIM WHAT THE PROBLEM IS!!!!

    star Dave, 23rd January 2009
  • I don't understand how this company is running.. and why people are using their service as I believe everyone has problems with it . We were using AOL the begning it was good but later on we had several problems with the router... customer service are very rude and not helpful The whole management is irresponsible . I am with Sky now at the moment, it is cheapest and has a good speed connection.

    starstarstar SAm, 15th January 2009
  • I was with AOL for 7 years, at first they were good until the last year I had problems and they did not solve them. They kept cutting off the internet - really infuriating, but they did not help so I am now with tiscali so far so good - the best deal yet.

    star louise, 13th January 2009
  • I've been with AOL for nearly 6 years now and not had major problems, but last year I have had connection problems. The tech guys said it was BT ...BT said it was AOL! In the end AOL paid for BT to come and check my line out.. Got me sorted. I got the compensation for the calls I had made. Since then I have been happy but two weeks before xmas I had bad connections again. They have sent me a wireless router but I'm still waiting for the code before I can use it. I won't be going anywhere else just yet because its so cheap.

    starstarstarstar Ruth, 10th January 2009
  • I would advise anyone reading this - do not EVER EVER join AOL. Ive been with them 4 years and first couple were OK for connection/speed then things went down hill rapidly especially after carphone warehouse bought their UK business. Im supposed to get 2meg (2km from exchange) but have got 100kbs most of time for last year and never even close to 2mg. P2P? Forget it, they totally block it, song takes about an hr and a full vid takes dosens of hrs.Customer service?forget it - charge you 7.5p per min for usually useless advise/lies/excuses after 45mins or get hung up on conveniently (happens atleast every third call to tech suppport in india, seriously). Think of leaving them at end of contract - forget it - they pretend they are sending code needed to transfer to to new isp - having this problem currently and from forums 1000s of others have had along with other issues mentioned. PLEASE do RESEARCH on them as you might pay hefty price for 1995 internet like I do. Never post on these type of things but I had to when seen this chance to warn people. No star rating, if minuses were possible...

    star lf, 3rd January 2009
  • Stay away from AOL!!! We have had nothing but problems with them. They have lost my bank details twice and did not bother to tell me until I had to pay a whopping great bill near Christmas. The call centre staff are incredibly rude and when I asked to speak to their manager they cut me off. We will be cancelling the contract as soon as it runs out at the end of January. Stay away from them!

    star Steph, 3rd January 2009
  • I have been with AOL for 12 years. I've never needed support, just a connection. They have been okay, but I know they are ripping me off with prices and I will change to someone else.

    star SF, 6th December 2008
  • This is up and down on connection. we have been with them years, but at times its hard work just geting online. They used to have a news comments feature which was very interesting that has gone now, can't give a good reason for anyone staying with them or signing up to them. Oh they phoned and offered us a new cheaper package which never materialised.

    star c scarborough, 17th November 2008
  • Don't go near this deal because of free laptop. I did and my speed initially was around 6.5mb (my previous ISP gave me 8Mb) but after a few weeks I can get no more than 1 - 4 Mb - Tech support useless, excuses after excuses. I am so unhappy with AOL. Don't touch them. Tech support rude, don't listen and break committments to call you back.

    star Martin Phillips, 23rd October 2008
  • I've been with AOL for around three years now and it just gets worse and worse. My internet is so slow pages often take minutes to load instead of seconds.

    The connection constantly cuts out and I have to phone the useless expensive helpline. I'm put on hold for up to 40 minutes at a time and then finally get put through to someone I can barely understand.

    They come up with constant excuses and make many promises but never deliver.

    My mac code should be with me in the next day or so and then I am leaving AOL forever. To anyone getting new internet I would advise AVOID AOL LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!!!!!!

    They don't deserve any stars but I have to give them one.. I wanted to give them zero!!

    star Hazel Sharratt, 23rd October 2008
  • Cheap as chips at £4.99. Great deals and great service. No problems reported from this AOL Broadband user!

    starstarstarstar Marie Ryder, 23rd September 2008
  • Appauling service since the CPW take-over, Indian call centres with rude, useless techincal staff (I know more than them!) and you pay for those calls! And now I'm locked into a 2yr contract, I will be contacting Ofcom and I suggest any more aggreived customers do the same! I've been with AOL Broadband for 6 yrs!

    star kerry, 14th September 2008
  • I have had the Broadband coming up a year now with AOL Broadband and for nine months of this I have been connecting at 256kbps (1/4 of a meg) but had been connecting at 1.1 with Orange for about 2 years previously. My speed was supposed to be 2.2 mb and was connecting at 1.9 for the first couple of months AOL broadband blame BT and BT blame AOL Broadband, one thing I have noticed is that my line test now tells me I can only connect at .5mb wich is a 1.7mb drop?? BT cant tell me why.

    star Darryl Ward, 10th September 2008
  • I've been an AOL Broadband customer for about seven years. It used to be a good service but things have gone downhill since it was taken over by The Carphone Warehouse. Download speeds have slowed dramatically and it is often difficult to connect. My connection is supposed to be up to 8Mb but now it never exceeds 1Mb. When you talk to the helpline they come up with all sorts of excuses.

    I will be leaving as soon as I can. Don't sign up to AOL Broadband or any other service provided by The Carphone Warehouse.

    star mark quin, 4th September 2008
  • I'm appauled with AOL Broadband, like many others we have been with them for years! Over the last 8 months I've had nothing but trouble when connecting. When you ring the help line or go online they ask you to download this and renew that (we have done all of this) then they say it's AOL Broadband's fault and will be rectified in 3/4 days and it never is (do they ever read thier own message boards? As that is a cry for help in itsself). Today I complained to Ofcom re all of the above as I feel it is unfair that they are not fulfilling any of their promises and getting money for nothing! Why should we be stuck in contracts that they are not fulfilling? It's time something was done about it.

    star wendy BETTS, 18th August 2008
  • I had AOL Broadband working on XP. But since I upgraded my laptop to a Dell with Windows Vista OS, I have not been able to get AOL Broadband to work on this new laptop. Is it that AOL Broadband is not compatible with Windows Vista? I have made several calls to their helpdesk to no avail. It is always promises with no solutions. AOL Broadband has a lot to do in this regards, a lot of customers like me are frustrated by their unresponsive support team.

    star Tola Akorede, 5th August 2008
  • I've had problems for weeks now. My connnnection fails and I have great difficulty restoring it. The helpline people restore my connection but do not seem able or willing to stop the error recurring time and time again. In addition the people on the helpline are very difficult to understand due to both poor audio quality and the fact that most have very strong Indian accents. My advice is stay away from AOL Broadband.

    star Martin Davies, 5th July 2008
  • I've been with AOL Broadband for about 6 yrs now and I've had the free laptop for about 3 months. I've never ever had any problem with them, they're always on hand when I need help plus my mum and my brother have been with them longer than me and they have never had any problems.

    AOL Broadband are the best, I'm sorry if u have had problems with them .

    starstarstarstarstar nick marshall, 22nd June 2008
  • Ever tryed having a conversation with a cabbage? You might as well start getting into practice if you want to join these guys.


    star sam, 19th June 2008
  • Pathetic, very expensive... Awful.

    star Bruce , 17th June 2008
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