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Timber frame houses | Timber framed house insurance

Timber frame houses | Timber framed house insurance

Timber frame houses face different challenges which a non-standard home insurance provider may be able to help with.

Timber framed houses have always been popular but modern day insurers can often be reluctant to treat your property in the same way as a bricks and mortar home.

Traditional Tudor and old barn conversions, cottages and even some newer eco homes might have been made primarily with timber.

Read our guide to learn more about how to insure your timber framed home for less and use the link below to compare non-standard timber frame house insurance.

Timber framed houses and non-standard insurance

Due to the nature of the material, standard insurance providers see timber framed houses as possessing bigger risks than standard bricks and mortar properties.

Non-standard home insurance is a type of cover often provided by specialist insurers with experts in non-standard elements, such as subsidence and timber frame houses.

Their experience and expertise can often result in cheaper insurance policies than with standard insurers – that is if you're able to get your timber framed property covered by a standard insurance provider in the first place.

Timber frame house insurance

Timber frame house insurance

Timber frame house insurance will be specially designed to your home's requirements, but there are some things you can do to help your chances of getting the best cover for you at a reasonable price.

Fire prevention methods such as an extinguisher and obviously a smoke alarm, may be required in order to get your insurance application approved and could help bring the price down.

Furthermore, you may also struggle to find fully comprehensive insurance, even of the non-standard variety if your property does not have foundations supporting it.

This could mean that cover against subsidence and heave could be excluded in the package. Subsidence home insurance can be fairly important as the cost of remedying the problem is likely to be very high.

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