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TV & broadband deals

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    10 of 29 results
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    Uswitch rated takes into account deals that are proving to be popular with our customers, that are competitive in the market and have a smooth buying process.
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    Super fast fibre optic broadband means smoother video-streaming, better online gaming and quicker sharing of photos and videos.
    10 of 29 results
    Sorted by: Uswitch rated
    Uswitch rated takes into account deals that are proving to be popular with our customers, that are competitive in the market and have a smooth buying process.
    1. Sky

      Sky Stream, Netflix & Superfast Broadband

      61 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £36.00 a month
      no setup cost
      Ends soon
    2. Sky

      Sky Stream, Sky Cinema, Netflix & Superfast Broadband

      61 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £44.00 a month
      no setup cost
      • 2 free Vue tickets every month
      Ends soon
    3. Virgin Media

      Virgin Media Big Bundle, Ultrafast Fibre Broadband + Phone

      264 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £31.99 a month
      no setup cost
      • Most Popular Broadband Provider
      or call 03308 087 778
      Ends soon
    4. Virgin Media

      Virgin Media Bigger Combo Bundle, Ultrafast Fibre Broadband + Weekend Calls

      264 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £39.50 a month
      no setup cost
      • Most Popular Broadband Provider
      or call 03308 087 778
    5. Sky

      Sky Stream, Sky Sports, Netflix & Superfast Broadband

      61 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £54.00 a month
      no setup cost
      Ends soon
    6. BT

      BT Fibre 2 & Sport

      67 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £1.00 a month
      for 3 months then £53.99
      no setup cost
      • Most Reliable Broadband Provider
    7. Virgin Media

      Virgin Media Mega Volt Bundle, Lightning Fast Fibre Broadband, Phone + O2 Sim

      516 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £85.00 a month
      no setup cost
      • Most Popular Broadband Provider
      or call 03308 087 778
    8. Virgin Media

      Virgin Media Biggest Combo Bundle, Ultrafast Fibre Broadband + Weekend Calls

      132 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £79.00 a month
      no setup cost
      • Most Popular Broadband Provider
      or call 03308 087 778
    9. BT

      BT Fibre 2 & Big Sport

      67 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £35.00 a month
      for 3 months then £70.99
      no setup cost
      • Most Reliable Broadband Provider
    10. TalkTalk

      TalkTalk Unlimited Fibre 65 and Phone Line + TV

      67 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £34.95 a month
      no setup cost
      or call 0800 049 7864
    About these results

    *Average speeds are based on the download speed available to at least 50% of customers with this product during peak time (8 to 10pm). Your actual speeds depend on factors like your connection type, area, time of day and distance from the telephone exchange.

    Deals are subject to local availability and may not be available to existing customers. You can confirm availability and estimated speeds for your property on the provider’s website - this may be different to what we show.

    Some providers may increase monthly costs each year during your contract, in line with the retail or consumer price index. Check their terms before signing up.

    We’ve highlighted some recent Uswitch Award winners on our table.

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    Uswitch services are provided at no cost to you, but we may receive a commission from the companies we refer you to. This helps to keep our site free for you to use. Sometimes we have commercial agreements with providers to highlight deals that we think are worth your consideration. These deals are labelled 'sponsored'.


    Author: Max Beckett | Last updated: 27th November 2023

    What is a broadband and TV bundle?

    A broadband and TV bundle is a subscription that combines both services into the same monthly bill. The biggest TV providers in the UK also offer broadband, making it very easy to choose a joint package under one provider if you’re a regular watcher of pay TV.

    These deals tend to come with high monthly prices, but they’re often cheaper than what you’d separately pay different providers for the same services.

    TV is supplied in a few different ways - satellite, cable, or streaming via your broabband - all of which need some installation if you haven’t used that service before. But with broadband speeds getting faster each year, it’s now possible to stream premium TV, too, thanks to products like Sky Glass and Sky Stream. This makes setting up your TV package a lot easier and cheaper, with less equipment needed.

    Find out how you could get a broadband and TV deal, and learn which type of package would be right for you.

    Should I get a broadband and TV deal?

    Over 40% of UK customers have a broadband and TV bundle, and that number continues to grow. Here are some of the reasons why they could benefit you:

    • A broadband and TV deal could save you money by letting you bundle multiple services instead of paying for each one individually.

    • If you regularly use pay-TV services for premium channels like Sky Sports, Sky Atlantic, or TNT Sports, you could save a lot of money each year by getting a TV and broadband bundle.

    • Many bundles now include access to streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney Plus. So you could save money on all the different streaming services you use.

    • Combining your broadband and TV services makes managing your bills and monthly subscriptions easier.

    • Some of the best internet providers apply special discounts if you add more of their services to your contract when you sign up.

    What to consider when choosing a broadband and TV package

    There can be a lot of variety in broadband and TV packages. You'll likely have a wide range of broadband speeds to choose from and an equally broad selection of channels and services to add to your TV tariff.

    Here are some things you should consider when bundling your broadband with a pay-TV service.

    Broadband speed

    When selecting a broadband and TV bundle, you first need to decide on a suitable broadband speed for your household.

    You’ll need to choose a speed that can handle what everyone in your home does online - which can differ depending on a few things. These include:

    • Household size: If you live alone or with one other person, you may not need as fast a connection as several family members or flatmates may do.

    • Streaming or gaming: If people constantly stream TV or play games online at home, especially in high quality like 4K, you will need a speed that can handle that demand.

    • Working from home: If you depend on your broadband for working from home throughout the week, you’ll need a strong connection that you can rely on for meetings or sending lots of large files.

    To let multiple people at home do all of the above at the same time, you’ll likely need an internet speed of at least 50Mbps. But for larger households or more intense activities, 100Mbps+ may make everything much smoother.

    TV channels and content

    Usually, the more TV channels you want, the more you have to pay. Most standard TV packages come with the usual selection of Freeview channels, and some slightly more expensive ones may feature a few of Sky's premium entertainment channels like Sky Atlantic and Sky Showcase.

    But if you're a big sports or movie fan, you will almost certainly have to pay more. Top-drawer add-ons like Sky Sports, TNT Sports, and Sky Cinema are usually the most expensive services to subscribe to. So you should only purchase those if they fit your budget and you think you'll watch them enough.

    Adding a home phone or mobile contract

    Providers offering broadband and TV bundles can also add a home phone subscription if you want to continue using your landline. If you still regularly use your landline, you’ll also likely be able to get all three services for one monthly fee.

    When signing up for your broadband and TV deal on a provider’s site, you can add a home phone package to your tariff. This will usually come with the option of pay-as-you-go, evening & weekend or anytime calls.

    So, depending on how many calls you make and what your budget is, you can choose an additional home phone plan that’s right for you.

    Some brands have also started to add mobile phone subscriptions to their packages. For example, Virgin Media O2’s Ultimate Volt package offers Virgin Media broadband, TV and home phone with an O2 mobile SIM. Plus, double mobile data and double broadband speed for using both services.

    Can I get a broadband and TV deal without a phone line?

    Unless you have a full fibre or Virgin Media connection, you’ll likely still need a landline for a working broadband and TV package. Sky Q satellite TV, BT TV and Freeview require an active landline. However, this is slowly changing:

    Virgin Media uses its own cable network and doesn’t need a copper phone line to offer broadband, TV or home phone services. So it’s easier to only opt for the services you want.

    BT TV is supplied through an internet connection, which means it still relies on landlines to get to many homes in the UK. But with Openreach’s full fibre rollout and copper cable switch-off, its TV services will almost fully be supplied by much faster fibre cables in the future.

    Sky is now making its TV deals available through Wi-Fi thanks to its streaming products Sky Glass and Sky Stream. It will soon be retiring satellite TV services to new customers and (eventually) moving existing satellite customers onto its Wi-Fi TV connections.

    Read our guide on how to get broadband without a landline to see if you can enjoy digital TV services without a copper phone line.

    Nick Bakerquotation mark

    More comprehensive TV packages from providers like Sky will give you all the channels a TV fan could want.

    But if you're more of a streamer and don't need access to the latest blockbusters and trending shows, you're probably better off with a more basic broadband and TV package in order to save money.”

    Nick Baker, Content Editor - Telecoms

    What are the different types of digital TV?

    Satellite TV

    Satellite TV works via a satellite dish attached to your building. Sky TV is the most well-known satellite provider, home to blockbuster content from Sky Atlantic, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema.

    It requires an engineer to install a dish at your property and connect a receiver box to your TV, which will come with an upfront cost. If you rent or live in an apartment, you should check with the building owner first.

    Read our in-detail customer review of Sky TV and broadband.

    Cable TV

    Cable TV essentially works through a mix of underground fibre-optic cables. In the UK, it’s only provided by Virgin Media, which runs its own cable broadband, landline and TV network.

    It offers similar channels and services to satellite TV, but it's only available in areas with Virgin Media's network in place. This currently covers around 56% of UK properties, so Sky's TV services have much wider coverage.

    Read our customer review of Virgin Media TV and broadband.

    Streaming TV

    This is the newest style of TV that’s quickly growing in popularity, all thanks to Sky. And it certainly looks like the future of how we’ll all watch TV in the coming years, with more services relying on a broadband connection to operate.

    Streaming TV works through your Wi-Fi exactly like a Smart TV or streaming stick does. So you don’t need a satellite dish or physical cable for it to work - it just relies on your existing broadband connection.

    Sky Stream, Sky Glass and Stream from Virgin Media are all examples of this new TV service.

    Streaming services

    Standard streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video have quickly become some of the most common ways to watch TV shows and movies.

    Most of us use at least one streaming service, whether with another pay-TV service or not. And many major broadband and TV providers now offer streaming services as part of their TV deals.

    Sky, BT and Virgin Media all offer streaming services with a number of their bundles. So you could consolidate your costs by choosing both under the same bill.


    IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It's delivered via a fixed-line broadband connection using the same cables as your home internet, as opposed to over radio waves like Freeview and analogue TV.

    This is different to Streaming TV, too, because the actual connection is provided by the cable, not your Wi-Fi.

    BT is one of the most popular IPTV providers, offering its services through the Openreach broadband network. However, given the recent rise of streaming-based pay TV services, this TV connection may not be an option forever.


    Launched in 2002, Freeview is the UK’s standard terrestrial TV platform that replaced analogue television with improved digital services.

    It's broadcast over the airwaves and can be received via a set-top box, a Freeview tuner, or directly on your Smart TV once it's connected to your Wi-Fi.

    Freeview gives you access to over 100 TV channels, 15 of which are HD. These include the BBC, ITV, E4, Dave, 5USA and truTV, to name a few. Apart from your BBC licence fee, all these channels are free to view (hence the name).

    Why choose a Uswitch home broadband and TV package?

    If you love watching TV - especially live sports, big US TV shows and the latest blockbuster movies - then a pay-TV package will be well worth the purchase. Bundling your broadband subscription into a joint TV and home broadband deal could save you a lot of money throughout the year.

    At Uswitch, we show you deals from a wide range of broadband and TV providers. We have a 4.6 out of 5 score from customer reviews website Trustpilot, based on 22,000 reviews as of September 2023.

    Would you prefer to keep your costs down for the time being? View our cheap broadband deals if you're happy to just stick to streaming services for your TV needs.

    Which are the best TV and internet providers?

    Some of the biggest internet providers now offer TV and Wi-Fi deals, with a wide range of services that vary from provider to provider. This list includes:

    Compare deals from these providers and more

    Compare TV, broadband and phone deals from the UK's top providers to find the right deal for you.

    However, the best provider is whichever company offers the service that's best suited to your needs. Get more information on which provider is right for your needs with our expert broadband provider reviews.

    Uswitch broadband provider reviews

    Read our expert reviews of all of the UK's biggest broadband providers.

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