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Energy efficiency guides

Want to be more energy-efficient at home? Find useful tips you can employ across your home in our energy efficiency guides.

104 free energy-saving tips for your home

With working from home now the new normal and energy prices looking like they'll stay high, it's important to keep your bills as low as possible. The best ways to do that are in our guide featuring 104 free energy-saving tips for every part of your home.

You don't have to use all of them - it might be an impossible task to try - but they should go some way to getting you started saving energy and spending less on your bills.

Read more in the guide.

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How to bleed your radiators for energy efficiency

How to bleed a radiator: with our step by step guide bleeding radiators is easy. Plus, it can help you save energy and cut your heating bills.

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What is an energy performance certificate? - Uswitch

An energy performance certificate is required if you are selling, renting or building in the UK. Find out how to get one, and how it can save money.

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Should I heat the whole house or just the room I'm using?

Wondering if it's cheaper and more energy efficient to heat your whole house or just one room? Get the answer and cut your heating bills with Uswitch.

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Is it more energy-efficient to keep the heating on all the time?

Find out whether it is more energy-efficient to keep your heating on all the time or to set the heating to come on at specific times of the day.

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Summer energy bills - the cost of keeping cool

Energy bills typically drop in the summer, but keeping yourself cool at home can bump up your energy costs in ways you might not expect.

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What’s the impact of electric cars on my energy bill?

How much does it cost to charge an electric car in the UK? How long does it take to charge an electric car? Find out in this easy-to-follow Uswitch guide.

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102 energy saving tips for the home header

104 energy saving tips for your home

With working from home the new normal and energy prices high, it's important to keep your bills as low as possible. The best ways to do that are in our guide featuring 104 energy-saving tips.

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Energy-efficient cooking

Read Uswitch's top tips for energy efficient cooking and find out how to cut energy consumption in the kitchen.

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Energy-efficient heaters

Energy-efficient heaters: if you need to boost your heating, an energy-efficient heater can help. Find out what your options are, from gas and electric heaters to fires.

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Energy saving lightbulbs

Low energy lighting and energy-saving lightbulbs may have had bad press in the past, but they've come a long way and can really save you money.

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Energy-efficient hot water

Cut the cost of your hot water with tips and advice on the most energy-efficient and cost-effective methods of heating water from Uswitch.

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Energy-saving tips: tools and gadgets

Tips and advice on tools and gadgets that could help you with energy-saving heating. Find products to help cut your heating bills.

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Energy-saving tips for the garden

If you're planning to spend time in the garden, make sure you're not wasting energy unnecessarily - find out how to save energy here.

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Energy-saving tips for your TV, computer and laptop

Find out how to use your TV, computer, laptop and other electronic devices in the most energy-efficient manner with top tips from Uswitch.

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Energy-efficient laundry tips

Find out how to make washing and drying your clothes as energy-efficient as possible with these top tips from Uswitch and reduce your energy bills.

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By hand or by dishwasher — which is more energy efficient?

Wondering if it's more energy-efficient to wash your dishes by hand or use a dishwasher? Find out with Uswitch and cut your energy bills.

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Energy monitor on desk

Energy monitors explained

Energy monitors can help you to be more energy efficient and cut your energy usage - find out more with Uswitch.

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Energy efficiency labels explained

With energy efficiency an important part of keeping bills down, it's important to make sure you're purchasing energy-efficient appliances. Find out how to read their energy efficiency labels to make sure you're getting the right appliance for you.

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Choosing a domestic heating fuel

Find out what heating fuel is the best option for your home. Uswitch explains the advantages and disadvantages of the heating fuels available.

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