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A tradesperson performing a boiler service with the title 'UK boiler statistics 2023.

UK Boiler Statistics 2023 - Top Boiler Facts and Stats

We’ve collated the latest boiler statistics for 2023, covering the UK boiler market, boiler breakdown statistics, the future of home heating, and more.

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102 energy saving tips for the home header

104 energy saving tips for your home

With working from home the new normal and energy prices high, it's important to keep your bills as low as possible. The best ways to do that are in our guide featuring 104 energy-saving tips.

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image of a couple unloading a dishwasher with the title 'Uswitch power house report'

Which appliances use the most energy?

With energy prices still high, there are limited options for both saving money and limiting your impact on the environment. Previously you’d have been able to switch to a better energy deal with one of the increasing number of green energy suppliers, but this is no longer the case.

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Green Council Report: Are county councils taking sustainable steps?

With the UK’s net zero emissions target date set for 2050, green energy comparison site wanted to see if the UK’s county councils are doing their part to become better sustainable businesses.

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The cities with the most beautiful green spaces

Discover where in the world you can find the most beautiful parks and gardens to relax and unwind in

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The world’s most popular B Corp businesses

By analysing B Corp data, the green energy experts at Uswitch have revealed the most popular green brands on the planet and which country is home to the most B-Corps.

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Forest fire

The countries most affected by global warming, based on natural disasters

Global warming has intensified natural disasters in recent years, including earthquakes, superstorms and wildfires. But which countries are most affected by these hazards? Uswitch investigates.

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Carbon neutral tomatoes

Which European meals have the largest carbon footprint?

Food plays a major role in climate change, so we found which dishes were the worst culprits. Find out which meals in Europe have the largest carbon footprint.

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Eco friendly toiletries and cosmetics

Eco Trends Report: Top trending eco hacks & products on TikTok

Discover TikTok’s top trending eco-friendly brands, products, and helpful hacks and reduce your impact on the environment from home.

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Which European city uses the most energy to light up for Christmas?

Christmas is an expensive time of year, especially when it comes to switching on the Christmas tree. But which European city uses the most energy for their festive lights? Uswitch investigates.

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Celebrity Christmas recipes: whose recipe costs the most time and money?

Discover the time and costs of the most popular celebrity chefs Christmas dinner recipes, from Nigella Lawson to Ottolenghi

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Oranges in box in front of trucks.

Revealed: The carbon footprint of trending food and drink

Discover the carbon footprint of the top trending food and drink items to help you reduce your impact on the planet.

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Header image of low-maintenance plants and how to care for them

Low-maintenance plants and how to care for them

Gardening data reveals the plants that require the least amount of maintenance.

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Ethical beauty brands header

Ethical Beauty Brands Influence Report

Analysing 45 of the most popular UK make-up brands, we reveal which are the most sustainable, and which influencers are earning the most money

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Vegan value: The most affordable vegan supermarket ranges header.

Battle of the Brands: best supermarket own-brand vegan ranges ranked

Uswitch has analysed the own-brand vegan ranges from eight different supermarkets to reveal which have the most choice.

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Tree lined roads leading to a city.

The world’s most sustainable cities

From green space through to public transport, air quality and energy sources, we look at the world’s most sustainable cities and what makes them so successful.

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The Pump to Plug Report

These places are geared up and ready to embrace electric vehicles

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Green garages: How eco-friendly are the cars of the rich and famous?

Taking 50 cars of the world’s richest people, we analysed their CO2 emissions to reveal which ones are the most eco friendly.

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Elsa from Disney's Frozen in nature

Disney villains vs. princesses: Who's the most eco-friendly of them all?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall - who is the most eco-friendly of them all? Uswitch analyses the actions of Disney's most iconic characters to discover who has the most sustainable lifestyle. Find out how each character stacks up against its rival in a game of Top Trumps.

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