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Forest fire

The countries most affected by global warming, based on natural disasters

Global warming has intensified natural disasters in recent years, including earthquakes, superstorms and wildfires. But which countries are most affected by these hazards? Uswitch investigates.

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Carbon neutral tomatoes

Which European meals have the largest carbon footprint?

Food plays a major role in climate change, so we found which dishes were the worst culprits. Find out which meals in Europe have the largest carbon footprint.

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Eco friendly toiletries and cosmetics

Eco Trends Report: Top trending eco hacks & products on TikTok

Discover TikTok’s top trending eco-friendly brands, products, and helpful hacks and reduce your impact on the environment from home.

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Header image of low-maintenance plants and how to care for them

Low-maintenance plants and how to care for them

Gardening data reveals the plants that require the least amount of maintenance.

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Ethical beauty brands header

Ethical Beauty Brands Influence Report

Analysing 45 of the most popular UK make-up brands, we reveal which are the most sustainable, and which influencers are earning the most money

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The Pump to Plug Report

These places are geared up and ready to embrace electric vehicles

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Green garages: How eco-friendly are the cars of the rich and famous?

Taking 50 cars of the world’s richest people, we analysed their CO2 emissions to reveal which ones are the most eco friendly.

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