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Energy-saving devices

Energy-saving devices

Reducing your energy usage isn't just about saving money anymore — cutting your costs can have a big impact on the planet, too.

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We've found a few handy energy-saving gadgets that can help make a difference in the amount of energy you use in your daily life.

Automatic Radiator Bleeder

An automatic radiator bleeder automatically releases the built-up air in your radiator so your central heating system is always working as efficiently as possible.

If you don't bleed your radiators regularly, the efficiency of the radiator decreases proportionately to the amount of air that has built up inside it, meaning you use a lot more energy while getting a lot less heat.

Average cost: £10 or less

Energy saving letterbox cover

Noticed that draught coming through your letterbox? Reduce the amount of heat lost through your letterbox by investing in a magnetic flap letterbox or a simple brush lined one can help reduce the cold airing breezing through.

Average cost: £20 - £30

Radiator foil / radiator reflectors

A significant proportion of the heat your radiators put out is absorbed into the mounting wall; radiator foil sits between the radiator and the wall and reflects the heat back into the room, so you can enjoy all the warmth you're paying for.

Average cost: £5 - £20

Energy smart meter

Though controversial, energy smart meters provide an in-home display that can show you exactly how much energy your household is consuming at any given time — turn the kettle on and watch the usage spike:

smart meter

Knowing more about how you're using energy day-to-day can help you make smarter decisions about reducing your consumption.

Average cost: Speak to your supplier about having a smart meter fitted

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