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What is 50Mbps broadband?

What is 50Mbps broadband?

We've come a long way since the days of dial-up when we had to wait for pages to load. Fibre-optic connections blow their predecessors out of the water and make waiting a thing of the past.

50Mbps broadband is one of the most readily available super-fast broadband packages available in the UK. A 40Mbps or 50Mbps broadband connection allows you to seamlessly browse the internet, as well as download movies in minutes and songs in seconds.

To check if cable broadband is available in your area or to compare 50Mbps broadband packages, check out our fibre broadband comparison page.

What does 50Mbps broadband mean to the user?

  • Download a 100MB album in as little as 16 seconds
  • Download a 10GB Blu-ray movie in less than 27 minutes
  • Stream HD video straight to your computer without buffering
  • Host multiplayer games with dozens of players
  • Download games in under two minutes

Who offers 50Mbps broadband?

Previously, only Virgin Media and BT were able to offer these super high speeds; however, more providers are offering fibre-optic services, including Plusnet, Vodafone, EE and Sky.

Compare all Virgin Media packages available at uSwitch now.

Compare all BT Infinity packages available at uSwitch now.

Who can get 50Mb broadband?

Although there are other providers, Virgin and BT have the most extensive networks. You can see which providers are available on our postcode checker.

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